From Apprentice to Integral Team Member: Bethanie Breathwick

From Apprentice to Integral Team Member: Bethanie Breathwick

Month: November 2016

I am genuinely so delighted to have the opportunity to write this post. Bethanie Breathwick joined LDN Apprenticeships as an apprentice last year and we can now share the fact that she has completed her Tech LDN apprenticeship and been recruited into the Business Development team as a Business Development Consultant. Well done Beth!

I first met Beth at an event held at our Stockwell office where we introducing local businesses to the idea of investing in apprentices. Beth had recently completed her Reboot Camp but despite attending a number of interviews with our clients she had not secured herself an apprenticeship. I couldn’t understand why and the next day had a sit down with our CEO Simon Bozzoli about hiring Beth into the Business Development team as an apprentice to help us prospect to potential new clients. After a couple of Costa interviews (we had limited office space at the time), and through demonstrating her obvious enthusiasm for a homework assignment we made an offer.

Beth joined us in our new offices in Aldgate East and had an instant impact on the team with her strong work ethic and high standards. We worked together to create a prospecting plan, Beth tested different approaches and started seeing results after a couple of months of effort. For someone in their first role, this was an awesome return on investment.

Whilst working for the Business Development team Beth also studied towards her Digital & Creative Pathway with her learning and development specialists Dharam Lohia and Ken Joy. Attending our evening classes twice a week at the same time as completing her day job 0900-1730 is no mean feat. Every feedback session I had with Beth’s LDSs showed just how bright and hardworking Beth was is her studies.

Overtime Beth’s role has evolved and she now takes responsibility for the recruitment to the Tech LDN Programme and managing the interviews and work trials for those successful applicants. In this time Beth has hit a record number of applicants and its testament to her attitude that our employers have feedback to me on a number of occasions about her professionalism and ability to cope with their ever-changing needs.

Beth is an integral member of the Business Development team and core to the ongoing evolution and delivery of the Tech City Stars programme. From an apprentice learning the ropes, she is now suggesting improvements and in a key role where we can bounce ideas off each other to help the programme develop.

Beth has recently started the next chapter in her education as she studies towards her Level 4 in Business Admin which I am sure she will tackle with her usual high standards.

Personally, I have a huge amount of respect for Beth and her work over the past 13 months as a Tech LDN apprentice. Beth was the first apprentice that I hired for the team and her daily energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn has impacted on all our future hires and my whole attitude to what makes an awesome apprentice.

Thank you Beth!