Two years changing lives with LDN Apprenticeships: Rhi Christie

Two years changing lives with LDN Apprenticeships: Rhi Christie

Month: September 2017

Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of the incredible Rhi Christie working with the LDN Apprenticeships.

Rhi is a Learning and Development Specialist specialising in pre-employment skills. Initially, Rhi worked for LDN Apprenticeships in delivering 2-week long programmes of pre-employment for some of our hopeful applicants to get the job ready called ReBoot Camp and Boot Camp.

It was obvious to anyone that worked with Rhi in this period her energy and enthusiasm for what we did as a business and the care for the young people in her care. You can see this when any of our Future LDN or Tech LDN alumni pay us a visit Rhi is always first to jump up welcome them and celebrate where their journey has taken them.

Over the last 12-months we have developed an innovative programme called Career Kickstarter. Initially through monthly Future LDN Career Kickstarters and more recently to include Tech LDN Career Kickstarters.

Both the FLCKs and TLCKs are a true embodiment of everything that we are looking to achieve through LDN Apprenticeships.  We believe that young people have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things. Career Kickstarters start this journey and help young people start releasing their potential whilst introducing them to some of our amazing employers.

Rhi is the life blood of our Career Kickstarters delivering truly impactful sessions with our young people and supporting them through their initial journey of networking, presentations and speed interviews. Career Kickstarters deliver a real outcome for young people and employers that join us.

Rhi’s obvious energy and enthusiasm are essential to the success of the Career Kickstarter programme and we just can’t shout more about how awesome Rhi’s delivery is. It’s incredible to think of the number of young people that Rhi has managed to have a positive effect on in the last 2-years, not just through becoming apprentices with LDN Apprenticeships, but being able to put into practice the skills that she has helped them realise.

What next for Rhi? We have ambitious plans for the Career Kickstarter programme and over the next 3-months plan to run 15 Career Kickstarters, impacting more awesome young people in realising their potential through Tech LDN and Future LDN Apprenticeships.

I look forward to the next 2-years of working with the AWESOME Rhi to continue changing the lives of our AWESOME Apprentices