Adam Hunt @ District4

Adam Hunt @ District4


There are a number of fantastic apprenticeship stories within the awesome businesses we work with at LDN Apprenticeships and it’s always great to place young people into jobs around London with brand new companies.

Recruitment company District4 hired their very first apprentice in October last year and introduced Adam Hunt as their awesome new Digital Marketing apprentice!

We discussed their roles and how Adam has helped District4 progress as a business and helped them compete within the highly competitive recruitment industry.

Adam started by telling us about why he applied for an apprenticeship and the choices he had to make.

“I decide to do an apprenticeship because I went to uni last year and I didn’t feel like it was for me.


I work better by actually doing practical work alongside the learning process, so an apprenticeship was much better for me personally.”

After making the big decision to leave university and kickstart his career with an apprenticeship, it was now time to get a job!

Adam met Kyle at our Career Kickstarter event, who was attending alongside several other employers looking to recruit an apprentice into a digital marketing role for his team.

Amongst a strong group of potential digital marketers, Adam stood out amongst them. Kyle felt he would be a perfect fit for the District4 team.

“What convinced me to recruit Adam was meeting and interviewing him at the Career Kickstarter,” said Kyle.


“Spending time with a different group of potential apprentices and seeing different skills was a big part of the hiring process.


“Then after seeing Adam’s skills really shine when given different tasks during his work trial for us, we felt like he was a really good cultural and skills based fit”

Within the ever-changing world of recruitment, it is important for recruitment companies to keep up and evolve its business for the digital world.

Kyle went on to talk about the tasks and jobs Adam has taken over since starting at District4 and the weight it has lifted off his shoulders, not to mention the time it has saved not only him, but the company as well. 

“Before Adam joined, I was responsible for all of our social media and the planning of our community platform!


“He has now taken on both of these roles to great effect. He owns them completely and has freed up an incredible amount of valuable time.” 

Adam explained to us in more depth about those tasks he has taken over and how he has become such an integral part of the District4 team in such a short space of time.

Taking over the marketing side of the business and implementing new strategies and ideas was certainly a big task and Adam knew this was an opportunity to show his passion for marketing.

“No one else was really marketing here, so I pretty much had to do everything myself. So it’s really good to understand the concept and different strategies the I can use.


“I’ve also been a part of creating big projects in the first few months as well. We did a series called ‘Why Move’, which is all about relocating to different areas of the world which I wrote the copy for and marketed.


“I also created the infographic that was shown at our awards night and seen by the whole company, so that was really enjoyable to create as well.”

The world of recruitment is changing and District4 are evolving with the times. The days of hitting the phones and talking to as many people as possible are still a huge part of recruitment, but the advances in technology and online recruitment mean there is a huge area of potential expansion.

Now Adam is settled into the role and embedded into the team, Kyle can now begin to see the benefits in recruiting a digital marketer for his sales pipeline.

He talked to us about his decision to recruit a young person studying digital marketing, as opposed to a ‘traditional’ recruiter.

“For Adam’s role, it isn’t about the recruitment experience and the ability to recruit. It’s really about communication with our community as a talent, so having someone who isn’t focused on recruitment allows them to build a much easier relationship.


“From that, we’ve seen a lot of positives. We’ve brought in new clients from events that Adam has been a part of running and we’ve certainly seen a huge uptake in our followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media presence really does make a huge difference.”

By introducing Adam to the team, Kyle took advantage of an untapped pool of talent he wouldn’t have been able to find without hiring an apprentice.

There was a well thought out recruitment structure when deciding to hire an apprentice, with the idea of not only bringing in fresh ideas but changing the team dynamics upon his arrival as well.

 “We could have gone and tried to find someone with experience but I think they would’ve brought a very ridged view of how to do things.


“Having someone come in without the experience but a lot of new ideas has allowed us to really try different things.


“Adam is now an integral part of the team. He’s very keen to own parts of the role confidently and delivers on them consistently.”

Adam and his team at District4 are a brilliant example of how apprenticeships work for businesses and for young people.

Recruitment is a highly competitive business and by hiring Adam, Kyle and the team are futureproofing their business by and injecting new ideas into the company with a digital marketing apprentice.

Congratulations to Adam on his continued success and thank you to Kyle for all of the continued support he has given to him.

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Serena Vano @ Simply Business – Future LDN Apprentice of the Month

Serena Vano @ Simply Business – Future LDN Apprentice of the Month

We’re happy to announce that the winner of Future LDN Apprentice of the Month is Serena Vano @ Simply Business.

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Samuel’s nomination is below:


Energy: Serena is a fantastic person to have on the team, not only because of the amazing support she provides, but because of her positivity and energy she brings every day. Everyone seems to smile and laugh when they speak to Serena, as her energy is infectious and her personality is so friendly and uplifting.


Enthusiasm: Every single task given to Serena has been taken on with full enthusiasm and determination. Whether it is small tasks or complex projects brought her way, she always gets stuck in and motivates me too! This also allows us to celebrate our successes and embrace the variety in our work. Her enthusiasm for her work means people enjoy working with her and trust that she will put her all into anything sent her way..


Willingness To Learn: Serena has taken the initiative to upskill herself on programs such as Google sheets, Google docs, and our recruitment software Lever. This helps her in her day to day work and she has even shown me a thing or two! In any quiet moments during the week I can always find Serena doing training, using all her spare time effectively. She also asks great questions and is not afraid to reach out to me or other members of the team to gather information that she needs to complete her work.


Ability To Take Feedback: Serena’s positive attitude and personality means that we work very openly, and can discuss any feedback in situ and build on it. 


Propensity To Take Action: Serena is incredible efficient, which means the wider team and I can always rely on her to get jobs done quickly (which is an important part of our role). Serena always thinks ahead and goes above and beyond, so that when I think of things or ask her to help out, she has often already thought of it and actioned it. This also means I have confidently handed processes over to Serena knowing that she will run with it and use her initiative, making her and incredibly valuable member of the team!



Congratulations Serena!

Natasha Ali @ LDN Apprenticeships – Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month

Natasha Ali @ LDN Apprenticeships – Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month

We’re happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month is Natasha Ali @ LDN Apprenticeships.


LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Natasha’s nomination is below:


Energy: Natasha been an apprentice with LDN Apprenticeships for over two years and continues to demonstrate great energy and attitude. Natasha is a very personable and works well with the other teams in the company.

Natasha loves her role and this is reflected in her approach to her job. She approaches all tasks with the same mindset and does her utmost to complete projects on time. She takes pride in her work and always strives for perfection.

Willingness To Learn:
 Natasha started with us as a digital & creative apprentice but has progressed onto the L4 Salesforce Developer standard and is proving to be a competent Salesforce admin. She is now in a position to write apex triggers and classes for Salesforce, debugging code and then deploying into production. Her problem-solving attributes have improved significantly over the past 6 months which has resulted in her ability to resolve issues in a much quicker timeframe.


Ability To Take Feedback: Natasha and I meet fortnightly to review how she is progressing against her monthly targets and discuss any issues she has with smaller projects. She takes all feedback on board and actions without any hesitation. She manages her time and workload effectively using Trello and despite having to respond to a high number of people logging support calls, works well under pressure.


Propensity To Take Action: Natasha has a pro-active approach when seeking to improve the company’s Salesforce org. She arranges meetings with other LDN employees to discuss new ideas, provide training to new starters or to clarify processes. Natasha is working on implementing several API’s to improve efficiency and has taken the lead on liaising with software providers and freelance developers.


Congratulations Natasha!

LDN Apprenticeships Ofsted Report 2019

LDN Apprenticeships Ofsted Report 2019

LDN Apprenticeships has been helping young people to find jobs they love and start meaningful careers for over eight years. In this time, we’ve helped almost 600 young people to become apprentices and we’ve been a part of the journey to employment for thousands more. 

The team and I are really proud of the young people that we work with and we value the opportunities that our employers give to them. For so many of our apprentices, these opportunities are truly life-changing experiences. 


In the first week of January, we had an Ofsted Monitoring visit – the first time LDN Apprenticeships has been inspected directly. Needless to say, a visit from Ofsted is always a big deal for organisations like ours. 

For those of you who know the ins and outs of how Ofsted inspects apprenticeships, this was not a ‘full inspection’ but rather a monitoring visit for newly funded providers.

Monitoring visits for new providers are different to full and short inspections. They normally take place over two days. Inspectors do not cover all aspects of the inspection framework. Inspectors make progress judgements on three themes: 


  • Leadership: How much progress have leaders made to ensure that they meet all the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision? 
  • The quality and outcomes of training:  What progress have leaders and managers made to make sure that apprentices receive high-quality training that leads to positive outcomes? 
  • Safeguarding:  How much progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that safeguarding arrangements are effective? 

The inspectors found that we are making significant progress in each of these three areas – the top mark that a provider can achieve in a monitoring visit. They understood and appreciated our vision for creating truly inspiring opportunities for apprentices. 

They were impressed with the fantastic outcomes our apprentices achieve during their time with us and they had high praise for the work we do to keep our apprentices safe and prevent them from falling into harm’s way.

Ofsted carried out 63 monitoring visits like this one to training organisations all over the country during the six months to August 2018 and only two organisations in that list of 63 received top grades in all areas.

The fact that we scored top marks in all areas, puts LDN Apprenticeships right up there with the top performing providers in the country. 

We’re very pleased with the result, but at the same time we know that there is still plenty of work for us to do. We know that we’ll receive a full inspection (the real deal!) sometime in the next 12 months, but this in itself is not a reason for us to continue to pursue the highest quality apprenticeship provision we can.  

Each improvement we make improves the experience our apprentices and clients have with us, and this is why we’re so focused on it. So, the team and I are totally focused on continuing to improve our programmes, our processes and the outcomes we enable, and we’re looking forward to working with you to make that a reality. 

This is a great opportunity to thank each and every one of our apprentices for doing awesome things every day, for working so hard and for being such a credit to LDN Apprenticeships and to the employers that you work for. 

It’s also my chance to send a massive thank you to the forward-thinking businesses who we work with who have chose to change the way their organisations looks, feels and acts by investing in apprentices. 

And finally, it’s a chance to celebrate all of the hard work that the team and London Apprenticeships does every day. Thank you!

Take a look at the full report, which is now available for download on the Ofsted website HERE:


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