Joseph @ Lilian Baylis – LDN Apprentice of the Month

Joseph @ Lilian Baylis – LDN Apprentice of the Month




We are happy to announce that the winner of LDN Apprentice of the Month is Joseph @ Lilian Baylis Technology School!

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP).

Joseph was nominated by his Skills Coach – Aziz, and the awesome feedback was provided by Joseph’s line-manager and Network Manager at Lilian Baylis – Sinasi Eryilmaz.

Joseph is also an apprentice from the Lambeth Made initiative – which helps young Lambeth residents kickstart their careers with an apprenticeship.

You can read the full nomination below!




Joseph may not come across as an energetic person however he always has more than enough energy to perform his tasks and to do his job. He does not run around like a headless chicken even if he is extremely busy and under pressure. He always uses his energy efficiently and effectively by planning, organising and prioritising his jobs. I think this is one his greatest strengths.



Joseph is a driven person. He is always enthusiastic about bettering his skills and learning new ones. He has always been happy doing his jobs including the most routine and boring ones.

Joseph has had prolonged cold for a few months and he also recently had a minor surgery which did not stop him coming to work.


Willingness To Learn


Joseph joined us as an apprentice in August 2019. When we interviewed him for the post I noticed that he knew what he wanted, he had clear plans for his future, and he asked a lot of questions. What impressed me the most was that Joseph was an excellent listener, which I believe is a key attribute and sign of willingness to learn.

Joseph is a quick learner, he rarely asks the same question twice. He is always keen to learn something new and never shies away from extra jobs and responsibilities.


Ability To Take Feedback


Joseph was a student in Lilian Baylis Technology School before joining us as an apprentice. I did not know him personally while he was a student but no teacher has given a negative feedback about him, all feedback was positive. As his line manager, I have not had to give any negative feedback to Joseph yet. Joseph has taken positive feedback really well, he has not become over confident, arrogant or complacent.


Propensity To Take Action 


 Joseph never stops thinking and doing things, he is an observant person. When he notices something is not right, he takes action to correct them. Our IT office is much tidier and cleaner since he started. He cannot stand a mess and does not postpone his tasks.


 Outstanding Achievements

Joseph has been completed following tasks that have benefited the school immensely;

  1. Joseph carried out a teacher laptop hard disk upgrade last summer. He upgraded the hard disk of 80 teacher laptops with minimum help. He is now fully in charge of maintaining them without my help. Due to his work, laptops perform much better.
  2. He audited 400 Chromebooks and has been responsible from proactively managing them. Because of this, we have less damage to Chromebooks and they are effectively used.
  3. We purchased online Asset Management System, Joseph has been responsible from setting it up and maintaining it.


Congratulations Joseph! 

If you’re thinking of HIRING an apprentice with us, click on the link below to discover more!

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What do you need to know about becoming an apprentice?

What do you need to know about becoming an apprentice?

Month: February 2020

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! So, we thought we’d answer the three BIG questions we receive daily from applicants looking to start an apprenticeship.

Why should I do an Apprenticeship?


Whilst the opportunity to earn a wage whilst gaining a qualification is a clear advantage, there are many unspoken advantages to becoming an apprentice!

Apprenticeships provide amazing work experience whilst you gain a qualification in a field that you’re interested in! This is a brilliant chance to show your line manager or colleagues your employability skills. Opening the potential for you to progress in your career quickly.

Not only is the experience and qualification a huge benefit, there are also student discounts available to apprentices. Cheaper travel and online shopping make budgeting on an apprentice wage that tiny bit easier.

How do I become an apprentice?


There are a variety of different ways you can become an apprentice and you can find them just like you would with any other job role.

A great thing about apprenticeships though is there are designated websites and job boards specifically for young people looking to find an apprenticeship.

The likes of Not Going To Uni, Centre of Apprenticeships and of course, The National Apprenticeship Service are great places to start looking.

Each apprenticeship provider require a different application process.

 At LDN Apprenticeships for example, we don’t ask for CV’s. Instead, we look for something called EEWAP – Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, the Ability to take feedback and the Propensity to take action in our applicants.

Take a look at the opportunities page on our website here: https://ldnapprentices.secure.force.com/opportunities


What happens when I complete my apprenticeship?


This is the burning question! Do you get hired full-time? Do you go to university? Can you do another apprenticeship?

Many of these outcomes are down to you! The reward of doing well throughout your apprenticeship can most certainly result in you being hired full-time by your employer.



This is the most common outcome for LDN Apprentices. A massive THREE OUT OF FOUR LDN Apprentices who complete their apprenticeship with us are hired full-time by their employer. Result!


But it isn’t the only positive outcome. Some apprentices go on to further their education. Either progressing onto a more advanced apprenticeship or heading to university.

Other apprentices may go on to another company within the same field of their apprenticeship! With a year’s worth of experience and a qualification in the bag, you can become hot property for some businesses!

Working as an apprentice also gives you an excellent chance to build up your industry contacts. It means that you’ll have a network of people you can seek job advice or help in finding your next role from.

Read more information about becoming an apprentice on our FAQ page for applicants and apprentices HERE.

Hear it from the LDN Apprentices…

We caught up with Lambeth Made, Network Engineer Apprentice, Joseph to find out how he’s finding being an apprentice in the IT industry.

“Being an Apprentice in the IT industry is very fast-paced and very demanding, but it can also be very rewarding if you enjoy what you are doing. It is also a great opportunity for you to get a deeper understanding of the IT industry and gain more knowledge from experts in the field.


Being an Apprentice also comes with a lot of dedication to studying, but if you put your head down and plan your time effectively you will achieve great things!”

Lukas started his Apprenticeship back in August and has since thrived within the recruitment sector. Lukas shared with us his aspirations for life after an apprenticeship.


“Working as an apprentice in the Client Services sector is some hard work. However, this sector gives you loads of unique skills and develops your existing ones for a healthy financial lifestyle in the future.


I would say it’s amazing! As I like to say, I want to be part of the one percent financially and this sector will help me get it!”

Digital Marketing apprentice, Elliot spoke to us about how his current role inspired him to develop his industry knowledge.

“Being a digital marketing apprentice is fantastic as it covers such a wide spectrum of roles, meaning it will interest almost anyone.


I realised my passion lied in analytics, and found that SEO was a great option for me – and it hasn’t let me down.

Every day I tackle new challenges, use new tools, and gain new skills to further my progress in becoming a fully-fledged digital marketer. Best of all, I’m loving every moment of it!”

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