Apprentice & Manager of the Year 2020 Nominations

Apprentice & Manager of the Year 2020 Nominations

Month: March 2020

We’re delighted to announce the nominations for this year’s LDN Apprenticeships Apprentice of the Year and Manager of the Year!

This is a great opportunity to showcase all of the brilliant and fantastic work our LDN Apprentice class of 2019/20 have achieved throughout their apprenticeship. 

It’s also a chance for apprentices to highlight the dedication and hard work their line-managers have put in during their time as an apprentice. So for the second year running – we are awarding the Manager of the Year trophy across both our Future and Tech LDN pathways.

Check out the nominations below!

Apprentice of the Year

This award is an opportunity to specifically congratulate apprentices within both the Future LDN and Tech LDN programmes that have not just excelled within their apprenticeship but also within their workplace, becoming an integral part of their team and showcasing #EEWAP to the absolute maximum!

Each apprentice in this category has been personally voted for by their line-managers and colleagues. From running a team of Software Developers to Project Managers at BT Sport – this award in the past has showcased some truly inspiring talent who have now gone on to futher their careers!

The nominees for the Apprentice of the Year as listed below are:


Manager of the Year

For the second year running – we are pleased to announce our nominees for Manager of the Year.

This award gives our LDN Apprentices an opportunity to thank their line-manager for the support they’ve given them throughout their apprenticeship. It’s been great to read what our apprentice across all pathways have said about their line-manager and the different ways each one has helped their apprentices – whether it’s professionally or on a more personal development level.

The nominees for the Manager of the Year Award as listed below are:

LDN Apprenticeships: Coronavirus

LDN Apprenticeships: Coronavirus

Month: March 2020


As of Wednesday 18th March, LDN Apprenticeships has moved to being fully remote.

Whilst this changes our processes slightly, the results of our work remain the same as they have always been.


 We have been delivering our apprenticeships both in-person and digitally for some time now. For the vast majority of our team, this means that they’re continuing their normal work, but they’re doing it exclusively using electronic means – video conferencing software and online messaging services. We have had these systems in place for a number of years, so our team have taken to it like ducks to water.


We are pleased to say that this means the LDN experience for candidates, apprentices and employers remains at the high standards we have delivered for almost ten years.


How will we deliver our apprenticeships and support our current LDN Apprentices? 

Our brilliant Skills Coaches are trained to deliver digital classes, meaning we are able to seamlessly transfer our workshops over to a remote teaching structure. We are making use of a range of innovative features within our video conferencing software to ensure we maintain a high level of engagement and collaboration in our classrooms, as well as allowing for one to one tutoring where it’s needed.


Making sure our apprentices are able to continue their apprenticeship is of paramount importance to us. Switching to a digital first delivery and ensuring that we remain aligned to the requirements of our apprenticeship curriculum is something we are able to not only support, but implement to the highest standard.


As well as continuing monthly coaching sessions with every learner, our Skills Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are able to provide any pastoral care or support that is needed. As is normally the case – apprentices can contact their Skills Coach or another member of the LDN team to raise any issues they may be having through any of our communications channels.


Making sure our apprentices still feel supported under the current circumstances is essential and we will continue to work with them and support them day in and day out.


Pairing companies with the best talent.

With our current digital systems in place – we are in a unique position to continue matching brilliant candidates with awesome businesses.


Our process has been adapted to suit the current environment, but the results remain the same – we continue to be utterly focused on helping talented young people to find jobs they love and start meaningful careers.


Our Career Kickstarter events are now being delivered digitally, with candidates being interviewed and screened via video call before meeting employers online.


Thanks to our network and application system, we’re continuing to attract some of the best young talent who are looking to kickstart their career with an apprenticeship.


If you would like to know how we can continue to help you find the best young talent for your business, please get in contact with us here.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship and would like to find out more about our current recruitment process – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com.

If you have any further enquiries – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com

Best wishes,

The LDN Apprenticeships Team.


LDN Apprenticeships & Cloud Gateway Working Together

LDN Apprenticeships & Cloud Gateway Working Together


 LDN Apprenticeships take a digital first approach for continued support of London businesses and apprentices during Coronavirus pandemic


Cloud Gateway donates hardware for the creation of a virtual training room

LDN Apprenticeships will take a digital first approach to support 160 apprentices across 100 different London businesses, protecting small businesses and the wider London economy during the Coronavirus pandemic. The company will make the move to distance learning as part of their programme, ‘Do everything differently – but get the same results’, during this challenging time.

LDN Apprenticeships, founded in 2010, partners with over 100 businesses to provide a range of tech and digital apprenticeships – from Digital Marketing and Software Development, to Finance/Accounting and Business Administration. Working with young Londoners from diverse backgrounds, the scheme has successfully placed over 700 people into their dream jobs.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, distance learning has become essential to ensure that education and training can continue to provide apprentices with the best tools to succeed and remove any opportunity for a skills gap to grow.

Cloud Gateway, who recruited an apprentice from LDN Apprenticeships in January of this year, has donated equipment such as a computer, webcam and accessories to transform a LDN Apprenticeships meeting room into a distance learning facility, to host online learning sessions for its 160 apprentices. Cloud Gateway’s donation has protected the continuation of the young apprentice scheme and given LDN Apprenticeships the tools to provide a world class training service, no matter the circumstances.

Justin Day, CEO & co-founder of Cloud Gateway said, “We have worked closely with LDN Apprenticeships this year, with one of our own fantastic team coming through the scheme. Cloud Gateway is committed to championing young talent making sure that they feel supported and encouraged to pursue their dreams. The work that LDN Apprenticeships do is fantastic, and we are delighted to be supporting them while they continue the great work in unprecedented circumstances.”

LDN Apprenticeships CEO, Simon Bozzoli said of the donation, “Businesses large and small are facing a huge challenge as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. At LDN Apprenticeships we’re working harder than ever to ensure we continue to provide an outstanding service to our apprentices and employers. The support we have had from Cloud Gateway will make it easier for us to achieve this.

We’ve converted all of our teaching sessions into video conferences and we are conducting our workplace coaching sessions and interviews for prospective apprentices via video call. Being able to provide this level of consistency means that our 160 apprentices will continue

to be supported and we know this is massively valuable to the 100+ employers that they work for.”

If you’re thinking of HIRING an apprentice with us, click on the link below to discover more!

Tips & Advice On How To Use Video Call Software for the First Time.

Tips & Advice On How To Use Video Call Software for the First Time.

Month: March 2020

Remote work is on the rise!

More and more businesses are making the switch to digital platforms which allow them to stay connected, wherever and whenever! But what can you do to keep up to date with the latest video call software?

Here at LDN Apprenticeships, we’ve been using video call software for a number of years throughout different areas of the business. From delivering a fully digital workshop for our apprentices – to conducting interviews with applicants and candidates interested in starting an apprenticeship.


For example – we use Zoom at LDN Apprenticeships. Other online video call software will work in similar ways, with the same rules and tips mentioned below applying to all. 

To help our candidates, apprentices and staff understand how to join a Zoom call, we created a handy video for them to follow!

Some practices for a normal interview or meeting can be transferred over to a video call. But there will obviously be some differences to consider not only from a technological side – but from a personal perspective as well.

So if you’re finding yourself conducting video calls from your home or doing video interviews for a potential new job, we’ve pulled together some tips and advice that will go a long way in helping you conduct a professional and smooth video call.


Before joining a call, place yourself in a quiet environment.

Background noise can sometimes interfere with the overall quality of the call, meaning some information is lost or missed! To avoid this issue, staying somewhere such as a study room or library can increase the chances of a successful call.


Choose a clear background.

Sitting in front of a blank wall is recommended to minimise distractions for others on the call. We do not recommend sitting near harsh lighting such as a window as this can damage the video quality of the call, making facial expressions harder for the host to read!


Position the camera appropriately.

As this is a virtual call, the only body language available for others to recognise are your facial expressions. This means the camera should be adjusted to be above the shoulders with space at the top of your head to ensure all attendees can see you clearly.


Wear appropriate clothing.

Treat the call as if you’re meeting other attendees in person. Wear something smart appropraite and not your pyjamas! This sets an excellent example to the host and represents yourself well as an individual!


Language must be professional and appropriate.

This also includes any family members in the background, another reason why finding a quiet environment is recommended! Inappropriate behaviour on a call can also end the call short or in worse cases, have strong consequences.


Use a good quality pair of headphones.

Using headphones will help out massively when cancelling out any background noise there might be. If you’re in a room or public place with other people, they won’t want to hear your meeting as well! Headphones are almost essential if this is the case.


Mute your microphone when you’re not talking.

This is especially useful when you’re in a video call with more than two people. Some microphones can pick up extra noise and feedback – which everyone else on the call will be able to hear. If you’re not speaking, just mute your microphone! This way there’s much clearer communication between everyone in the video call.


Prepare for the call 10 mins prior to the schedule meeting time.

Joining an empty meeting room allows for any technical errors such as a broken microphone to be discovered before the actual call. Here you can also adjust the camera, volume and check internet connections before the host enters. This means you’re ready to go straight away and not keeping anyone waiting.

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