Apprenticeship FAQ

All the key questions answered about kickstarting your career as an LDN Apprentice.

What are the basic eligibility requirements to be able to apply to LDN Apprenticeships?
  • You are aged between 16 – 25
  • You have the right to work in the UK
  • You have lived in the EU for the last 3 years
  • Your highest level of qualification obtained so far should ideally be a level 3 or lower
  • You should live within a realistic commute of London
  • You should not be currently enrolled on an apprenticeship elsewhere
  • You should have a valid passport or birth certificate
Am I old enough to start an apprenticeship?

You need to be 16 to start an apprenticeship.

Am I too old to do an apprenticeship?

No, there is no age limit on apprenticeships however; LDN Apprenticeships promotes access to training and employment for young people. In the pursuit of that aim, we focus our resources on offering apprenticeships to those between the ages of 16 – 25.

You can always search the National Apprenticeship Service website, for more apprenticeships with different providers.

How long is an apprenticeship?

All of our Level 3 Apprenticeships are 13 months and run alongside your work placement (full time job).

Is a level 3 apprenticeship the same as A levels? I already have A Levels?

A Levels are traditionally theoretical qualifications. The level 3 qualification you would do on an apprenticeship with LDN Apprenticeships would not be the same. You would be learning a job role at the same time and from this job role, collating real life work evidence or projects to count towards passing your qualification.

Can I do an apprenticeship part-time?

All of our opportunities are full-time – Monday to Friday.

Can I apply for an apprenticeship without a Maths or English GCSE?

You can apply for an apprenticeship without either an English or Maths GCSE. However if you have not achieved either GCSE (A-C) or Functional skills Level 2 in English, Maths (or ICT for some programmes), you will be required to complete the corresponding Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications alongside your apprenticeship with us.

If you are invited in for a face to face interview with our Talent Team, you will need to pass initial assessments in English and Maths regardless of your GCSE results.

What does my Qualification include? How will I be assessed, and will there be exams?

We currently offer a range of seven different Level 3 apprenticeship programmes for you to apply to, each including different learning topics. These are assessed in different ways.

You can see all of our qualification overviews and how they are assessed, on the Programmes page on our website here: https://ldnapprenticeships.com/programmes/

Do you offer apprenticeship courses for graduates?

We currently only offer Level 3 Apprenticeships.

Graduating from a degree would provide you with a Level 6 qualification, therefore the qualification levels are too high to be eligible with us.

There are some apprenticeship providers that do accept graduates, which can be found on the National Apprenticeship Service website here: https://findapprenticeshiptraining.sfa.bis.gov.uk/

When will there be another opening for application for the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship?

We will be opening up applications for the next cohort of publishing apprentices throughout 2020, so please keep checking our current opportunities page and follow us on social media for live updates!

I live outside of London; can I still apply?

Due to all of our opportunities being based in London, we tend to only accept applications from those who live within a London Borough, due of travel time and cost of travel. You will need to live within a commutable distance to London.

If your circumstances change, we’d love to hear from you again – just resubmit your application.

Some of our publishing opportunities are located outside of London. In this case, we will highlight within the job description that we can accept applications from outside of London.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

We frequently add new opportunities onto our website.

We also advertise on other job sites, find a role that is best suited for you and complete the application form!

Be sure to think about your answers carefully before you submit your application as it is the first opportunity for our Talent Team to get to know you before you start your apprenticeship journey with us. Applications will be rejected if they lack detail, or have poor spelling and grammar so proofread your work before submitting.

You can view our current opportunities here: https://ldnapprentices.secure.force.com/opportunities

How long will it take me to get an apprenticeship?

There is no definitive answer to this!

Some people have moved through our process as quickly as a week or so, while others have taken a couple of months to find their match!

You do need to be ready and available to start when you apply though (excluding any standard notice period if you are currently working), so finish any exams, courses, long holidays first!

I have recently applied for an apprenticeship but haven’t heard back from anyone regarding my application.

You should have received a confirmation of your application being received via the email address provided on your application.

If you have not received this email, please check your junk/other folders to make sure it hasn’t ended up in there!

If you still haven’t received a confirmation email – please email our Talent Team at talentteam@ldnapprenticeships.com and they will be able to let you know the progress of your application.

I would like to apply for a Level 4 apprenticeship; do I need to complete a Level 3 first?

In most circumstances, we would only allow someone to do a Level 4 apprenticeship if they have completed a Level 3 apprenticeship with us.

If you have completed a Level 3 apprenticeship with another provider and you are still with the employer where you completed your apprenticeship and they would like to keep you on to do a Level 4, but change the apprenticeship training provider to LDN Apprenticeships – then we would be able to facilitate this.

How much does an apprenticeship cost?

You do not have to pay anything to us or your employer during your apprenticeship with LDN Apprenticeships.

You will be paid a salary by your employer but please be prepared to pay for travel to and from work and to LDN Apprenticeships HQ when necessary.

If you have a question regarding applying for an apprenticeship that we haven’t covered in our FAQs – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com and we’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

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