Becoming Lambeth Made!


Lambeth Council and LDN Apprenticeships are working together to create at least 100 new apprenticeships for young residents of Lambeth, working for companies in and around Lambeth.

We believe that young people in Lambeth can achieve awesome things, which is why we’ve partnered with the ‘Lambeth Made’ initiative. Lambeth Made is an opportunity for local residents to gain extra career support whilst applying for an Apprenticeship with us.

Since starting the collaborative project in May 2019, we have guided Lambeth candidates into face to face networking events with employers from Lambeth and Central London.


We caught up with a group of current Lambeth residents going through each stage of an apprenticeship with us. Kindness Adezor is one of the many Lambeth candidates who have been supported throughout their time here at LDN Apprenticeships.

Living in Herne Hill, Kindness heard about perusing apprenticeships through her school. Since applying, she is now meeting employers face to face through our unique Career Kickstarter events.


Kindness spoke to us about the struggles she has faced whilst trying to start her career as a Lambeth resident as well as joining of our Lambeth Made programme.


‘From experience, I know it’s hard to get an apprenticeship when you are just applying on your own. I think it’s easier if you have connections and know people. But for residents like myself, we don’t have these connections.’

‘This is why I think it’s important. I’m grateful LDN Apprenticeships are helping to connect me and other Lambeth residents together with employers. ‘

What it’s like to become Lambeth Made Apprentice.


Whilst candidates such as Kindness are attending our Career Kickstarters, Renaise Lewis is already five months into her apprenticeship as a Talent Scout with us here at LDN Apprenticeships.


As a Talent Scout, Renaise meets candidates at the very beginning of their apprenticeship journey. Drawing on her own experience of applying for an apprenticeship, Renaise is in a fantastic position to guide and mentor candidates before meeting employers.


We discussed her Apprenticeship experience so far. From her decision to do an apprenticeship, to her current role and what her motivation to become an Apprentice in the recruitment industry was.

‘When I started college, I didn’t enjoy it and was only going to mark that I had attended. I wasn’t learning and I love learning, sitting in a classroom wasn’t for me.

‘I needed to be doing something more, that’s how I decided an apprenticeship was for me!’   ‘A career in recruitment wasn’t something I had really thought about until I started here.’

Renaise is a brilliant example of how Apprentices can benefit from gaining exclusive workplace experience and how to optimise opportunities provided from the Lambeth Made initiative.

‘I love the Lambeth Made project and think it’s so good! I see people on the street in my local town doing nothing. It’s so cool that this is giving them the opportunity to do something with their lives.’

‘Whilst working here, I’ve seen a lot of what LDN Apprenticeships have done for people. I think it’s safe to say I’m excited to see what they can do for me!’

However, choosing and following the right career path isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Finding the right Pathway.

Myro Costa is currently in the final stages of his application process to become an IT Support apprentice. When Myro first contacted us, he was unsure about which pathway he wanted to pursue. Since attending a face to face interview with us, his passion for all things IT became very apparent. Due to his enthusiasm and drive, we pointed him into the direction of our Network Engineer pathway.


After researching the pathway, Myro couldn’t feel suited to the Network Engineer apprenticeship and is eager to start attending work trials for this particular programme.

‘LDN Apprenticeships have opened a new door for me. I can finally do something with my life that I’m going to put my all into.

‘A lot of people think that because we are young, we don’t have the correct skill set or work ethic. But LDN Apprenticeships think otherwise. 

‘This is why I would advise people to savour every moment they have during their apprenticeship and to prove stereotypes otherwise.’

You can hear more about Myro’s experience and how the Lambeth Made initiative is helping him and other apprentices throughout their different apprenticeship journeys.

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