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The Dangers of Overpraising

Danny (a fictional character for the purposes of this post) began his apprenticeship a few months ago. From the very first day of meeting him, his manager told him he was amazing, brilliant, his work was fantastic and he was ‘doing great’.   Fantastic, you may...

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What makes an AWESOME Apprentice?

When you hire an apprentice you are not hiring skills. You are not hiring someone that you can rely on for their Excel abilities, for their ability to write great sales copy or for their fantastic C# coding skills. What you are hiring is a blank canvas. You are hiring...

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Why we don’t use CVs for Apprentices.

When we first start working with clients they invariably ask us to send over CVs of some of the young people we are working with. However many are surprised when I have to share the fact with them that WE DON'T USE CVS! What we have found after seeing hundreds and...

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