Sean @ Twisted Fish – Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month

We are happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month is Sean @ Twisted Fish! Twisted Fish are specialists in IT infrastructure and cyber security. They operate IT support helpdesks and infrastructure projects for large corporates and small to...


We are happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN June Apprentice of the Month is Callum @ Renew Party!

The Renew Party is a relatively new political party set up to provide an alternative for moderate voters within the UK. Having joined the team just a few months ago and with his completion date in October, Callum had to learn a lot about the role in a short space of time. Something he’s been able to do with great success!

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP).

Callum was nominated by his Learning Development Specialist – Tina, and the feedback was provided by Callum’s line-manager and Head of Operations at The Renew Party – David Britten.

You can read the full nomination below!



Despite his political inexperience, Callum has thrown himself into all manner of tasks at Renew. Since the organisation is a relatively young start-up, there are great opportunities to get involved in a number of roles, but that requires a willingness to do so. Not only has Callum been a consistent and strong performer in his role as Digital Marketing Officer, but he has also contributed more than his fair share of ideas. For example, he helped Renew to fine-tune its social media strategy with a number of innovations, such as improved video content attached to social media posts. He always comes to work with a can-do attitude and doesn’t give up when times are hard.



Going beyond the call of duty, Callum has explored the political world and current affairs, even though his role does not necessarily call for it. He has engaged thoroughly with the causes and implications of Brexit and political stratification, allowing this new-found knowledge to inform his recommendations for the party’s communications strategy. He has been a great help to Renew’s Communications team, in particular, showing ample desire to get involved with digital strategy. He also played a large role in the redesign of Renew’s website, streamlining our home page to deliver increased membership sign-ups.

Willingness To Learn

Callum is a responsive and good-natured employee, which makes him an excellent learner. For example, in team meetings, he is not afraid to listen and respond in kind to the ideas of others, whether those are concerned with the party’s membership drive or electoral strategy. He has worked well with the Head of Operations and Communications team because he is willing to absorb the knowledge and experience of others. This has had a positive impact on the office atmosphere and morale of the team.


Ability To Take Feedback


Callum’s humility and ability to laugh at himself makes him a receptive and willing learner. His vast potential as a Digital Marketing Office will undoubtedly be realised if he keeps this attitude up; even the office’s most experienced members have been impressed at his diplomatic and mature approach to personal growth.


Propensity To Take Action 


When Callum joined us, we were in desperate need of a Digital Marketing Officer. Callum assumed that mantle impressively. Not only did he help produce campaign literature for the European elections, but he also revolutionised our social media strategy by helping to implement a coherent schedule and new designs for our image posts. The gusto with which Callum took it upon himself to produce these excellent efforts was commendable, and directly led to an increase in Renew’s online engagements.


Congratulations Callum! 

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