Recruit people, not CVs.

Recruiting young people based on a CV doesn't work. A Career Kickstarter enables young people with great attitudes to impress employers with their #EEWAP!
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Our promise

Nine out of ten companies that experience a Career Kickstarter meet someone that they want to hire. On average our clients offer four work trials to candidates they meet at a Career Kickstarter event. And four out of five clients who attend the day recruit an apprentice as a result. What’s not to like?

We promise that you’ll go away from a Career Kickstarter with candidates lined up for a work trial, and if you don’t we’ll identify other candidates from our pool for you to meet for an interview.

 A Career Kickstarter at your office!

How does it work?

Career Kickstarters are pretty simple. We bring together a group of pre-screened young people who are full of #EEWAP. All you need to do is let us know a date and we’ll do the rest and set up the day in your offices!

We can always host it at our LDN Apprenticeships HQ in Stockwell as well. So if you’d prefer, you can a book in a Career Kickstarter at our offices instead.

The candidates who attend a Career Kickstarter will have already spent a morning with us learning the fundamentals of #EEWAP! This is what they’ll use when talking to potential employers when you meet them at a Career Kickstarter. No CVs necessary!

Company Introduction

Once the candidates arrive and are settled in, they will be able to hear from the employers! The clients will talk to the candidates about the company and the jobs they’re looking to recruit for and what to expect from the roles.

Speed Interviews

This is an opportunity for employers to get to know the candidates on a personal level. Every candidate has a five minute interview with every employer. It’s a chance for candidates to really impress with their #EEWAP.

Debrief meeting

After the speed interviews, the candidates head home whilst the employers sit down with the LDN Apprenticeships team to talk about who they’ve met during the Career Kickstarter and which candidates they’d like to get in for a work trial!

What our clients have to say…

“It was a very positive afternoon and I met some highly motivated, capable and engaged young people. More than half of the young people I met would be suitable for positions with L&Q” John Bryson

Head of Academy, London & Quadrant

“The Career Kickstarter was brilliant! I’ve been to a few before and I’m always impressed with the candidates. They were passionate, interested and excited and I’m looking forward to getting one on board!” Ciara Hinton

Marketing Manager, Winebuyers

“The Career Kickstarter was fantastic! A great opportunity to ask apprentices specific questions and interact with them on a one to one basis.” Julian Fox

Managing Director, Techrelate

“I really enjoyed meeting the young and energetic apprentices. I certainly identified some people from the Career Kickstarter that I’m really looking forward to working with.” Vinh-Kiet Nong

Senior Service Technician, Financial Times

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