Samuel Edwards @Digital Catapult

Samuel Edwards @Digital Catapult

Last week we had our fourth annual Graduation Ceremony, where we celebrated all of the hard work and achievements of our apprentice class of 2018/19!

Samuel Edwards was one of the 82 graduates, finishing his level 3 Digital Project Administration qualification alongside working for the UK’s leading advanced digital innovation centre, Digital Catapult.

Since completing, Samuel has now been hired full time by Digital Catapult, who have capitalised on Samuel’s already essential experience within the company and the knowledge he has gained within the workplace over his 13 months with Digital Catapult.

Samuel has been helped along his apprenticeship journey by his line-manager at Digital Catapult, Geraldine Moor, as well as his Learning Development Specialist (LDS) – Dharam Lohia, who have both played a huge part in Samuel’s success story so far.

Geraldine is the Business Development Professional at Digital Catapult and has seen Samuel develop and progress a huge amount over the space of his apprenticeship. So much so that he has been taken on as a full-time member of staff! 

“Samuel was the third apprentice to join Digital Catapult, and the first to work on the facilities team.” said Geraldine.

“His position as front of house coordinator requires him to greet visitors, book meeting rooms and help with inquiries. Having Samuel’s LDS come to our office monthly to discuss his progress was a great help, particularly in the first six months.

“We are thrilled to have Samuel now as a permanent member of the team. Samuel’s willingness to help plus his calm and cheerful manner – even under pressure – makes him a great addition to the team.”

Dharam has also had the pleasure of seeing Samuel progress throughout his apprenticeship and as his LDS, was in a position to tutor and specifically align what Samuel was learning with his role at Digital Catapult. 

Samuel’s positive progression into a full-time role within the field of his apprenticeship study is a testament to Dharam’s experienced learning structure and unrivalled support.

“I am so proud that Samuel has secured a permanent role as a front of house coordinator with Digital Catapult!” said Dharam.

“I have seen Samuel develop and mature professionally since he first started and make massive improvements, especially on his communications skills.


“Geraldine and the rest of the team at Digital Catapult have been incredibly supportive of Samuel throughout and it’s great to see they’ve taken him on full time and have been rewarded for reruiting an apprentice with a fully-pledged full time member of the team!


“I’ll be following Sam’s career closely and I’m sure he’s going to be a huge success at Digital Catapult for many years!”

We’ve heard from Samuel’s manager and from his LDS, so what does Samuel himself say about his journey as an apprentice! 

“My  journey with LDN Apprenticeships has been a great experience.


“Since starting I have improved my communication skills, widened my general IT knowledge and gained new skills using Microsoft Office packages.


“Digital Catapult has allowed me to learn a number of professional skills such as note-taking and listening on meetings.

My apprenticeship has improved my quality of work and the workshops have allowed me to gain more knowledge of the business world.

“I would like to thank my LDS Dharam, my manager Geraldine and Danait Weldesellasie for believing in me and having the patience to support me through my apprenticeship.


“I recommend to every young person to do an apprenticehip because it’s a great life experience.”

Congratulations to Samuel for joining the LDN Apprenticeships class of 2018/19 and landing a full-time role at Digital Catapult!

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LDN Graduation 2019.

LDN Graduation 2019.

On Thursday, LDN Apprenticeships welcomed over 100 apprentices, employers and guests to our fourth annual Graduation ceremony, where the class of 2018/2019 celebrated their achievements and were each awarded with a trophy to commend their hard work during the course of their apprenticeships.

Apprentice of the Year

Our graduation ceremony is an opportunity to announce our Apprentices of the Year! This is to award the two apprentices within both the Future LDN and Tech LDN programmes that have not just excelled within their apprenticeship but also within their workplace, becoming an integral part of their team and showing #EEWAP to the absolute maximum!

The winners of the Apprentice of the Year were:

Josh Gomes (Tech LDN) – Benefacto

Ellie O’Reilly (Future LDN) – Funding Circle

Tech LDN - Apprentice of the Year 2019 - Josh Gomes - Benefacto

Josh embodies EEWAP, illustrated by his contribution to every project.
He brings energy and enthusiasm to planning; voicing new ideas or suggesting new ways of doing things.
Josh is forced to embrace a steep learning curve: teaching himself a new language? No problem. Complex business logic? He’ll find a way. Interacting directly with clients to learn requirements? Josh is already dialing the number.
Eager to improve, Josh takes on feedback readily and whatever is required he’ll take the actions required to deploy elegant, tested code on time every time.
Given the right encouragement Josh will end up as an accomplished CTO – it’s our job to encourage him with this award.

Future LDN - Apprentice of the Year - Ellie O'Reilly - Funding Circle

Ellie has made a huge impact since being at Funding Circle. She completed her Level 3 and is now in the middle of her Level 4, all whilst quickly progressing within the team to become a Senior Administrator. She is a consistent top performer and has taken on additional responsibilities such as leading training sessions and acting as a mentor for our new starters, holding weekly catch ups with them and reporting on their statistics. She is well known around the business and is considered friendly and approachable, and has even won a company-wide award on two occasions for her commitment to the role.

With so many great nominations, it was tough to pick just two from Tech LDN and Future LDN.

The rest of the nominations for Apprentice of the Year can be seen below:


Manager of the Year


For the first time ever, we unveiled the Future LDN and Tech LDN Manager of the Year!

We know the BEST apprentices always have a great manager to help them throughout their apprenticeship journey. So we felt it was time to reward the managers behind the AWESOME apprentices. 

The winners of the Manager of the Year were:

Sam Bysouth (Tech LDN) – X4 Group

Catherine Lyons (Future LDN) – euNetworks

Tech LDN - Manager of the Year - Sam Bysouth - X4 Group

Sam has been very versatile when it comes to teaching/mentoring me on IT, considering he covers other areas of the company he still has knowledge on what it takes to become a good IT support technician. I feel Sam has put a lot into me guiding me through my apprenticeship and should be rewarded for his hard work.

Future LDN - Manager of the Year - Catherine Lyons - euNetworks

Catherine has to be one of the best managers out there in the AR and AP sector. She will always do the utmost for her team and finds comfort in watching her team succeed and will never take the light away from them.
She has seen 3 apprentices finish the course and has had 1 apprentice of the year. Catherine deserves this award for her commitment to watching the continuing growth of her apprentices and acting like a mother figure when sometimes as an apprentice you may lose your way, much more than anybody could ask for in the workplace.


The rest of the nominations for Manager of the Year can be seen below: