Max Rozmetov @ Simply Business

Max Rozmetov @ Simply Business

As part of our case study series, we’re able to visit our apprentices at a variety of different and awesome business around London. And our latest certainly took us to one of the coolest!

Max Rozmetov is currently working at Simply Business, an online insurance broker located in Central London and 20152016 WINNERS of The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For!

Having now completed his apprenticeship, Max has now been hired by Simply Business on a short term contract before he heads off to University in September.

We also had the chance to talk to Max’s line-manager and senior eCRM Manager – Ata Ata, who was a big part of recruiting Max. Ata was able to give us an overview of Max’s role and how much he has developed and grown since walking through the Simply Business doors.

Ata is also line-manager to another LDN Apprentice within his team at Simply Business – Sam Stone, so was the best person to talk to about his experiences in hiring and managing an apprentice! 

So what was Max’s thoughts behind doing an apprenticeship as opposed to other paths he could have taken after finishing his time at the military?

“What made me decide to do an apprenticeship? A friend of mine actually referred me to LDN Apprenticeships!” Said Max.


“He said there was an alternative to going to university where you can work and have a great experience, gather a lot of knowledge and get a diploma at the end.


“And that seemed really cool to me.”

After deciding to do an apprenticeship and then applying to become an LDN Apprentice, it was then down to Max to land a role!

He did so when he met Ata at our Career Kickstarter event. A process that Ata has really taken to and an integral part of helping LDN Apprenticeships connect young people with businesses.

“I came away from the Career Kickstarter with goosebumps to be honest!” Said Ata.


“I thought ‘wow’ I just met a whole load of really fantastic young individuals that all would’ve been capable of doing a great job here.


“They’re all at the start of their career, they’re all really hungry and eager and Max definitely shined through for me.


“Out of those candidates, we had four work trials and you could just see the maturity of Max. His technical capabilities, the way he came across as a person and the way we got on together. I could really see him fit well into the team and the business.”

After impressing Ata and the Simply Business team during his work trial, Max was then offered the role. A fantastic opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing companies in central London.

Introducing Max to the Simply Business team.

So what was it like getting an apprentice like Max up to scratch when he first started in the role? Ata remembers when Max was first introduced to the team at Simply Business and how his introduction affected the dynamics of his team going forward.

“It’s been fantastic! He was like a blank canvas when he started here.


“He came in, very energetic and enthusiastic. LDN Apprenticeships really trademarked the term #EEWAP and we totally get that and needed that from our apprentice.


“We’ve treated him like any other member of the team since he’s been here. He’s been fantastic for everybody.”

The idea of Max being a ‘blank canvas’ when he started was echoed by Max himself. The ability to create a palette of knowledge was something that Max took full advantage of. Thirteen months later, he has now finished his apprenticeship and been taken on short term by Simply Business before he heads off to University with a mountain of experience and knowledge that many of his peers won’t have.

“Simply Business has taught me so much over the last 13 months. So much value and knowledge since I joined.


“I remember on my first day, the head of PCC here asked me if I had any experience in marketing, to which I honestly answered ‘no’! I can happily say that after 13 months, my knowledge gained from working within the role and completing my apprenticeship has improved massively!


“I’ve undergone so many tasks with my team and been a part of so many projects. Thanks to my manager Ata, who has mentored me along through this journey. I have grown personally and gained so much knowledge about the work we do at Simply Business.”

Max’s development throughout his apprenticeship.


One of the great things about helping to guide a young person through their apprenticeship and seeing them develop within their role is noticing the improvements each day, week and month.

Ata has been through the complete process of Max’s apprenticeship. Being able to witness his development first hand, from his first day at Simply Business, right up until Max’s completion.

“The way he’s grown as a person and become more confident. From meeting new people and coming into a huge workplace like this one. He’s networked and made some fantastic friends!


“He became fully equipped to complete his apprenticeship. Come up with new ideas, take on work and take ownership and responsibility in both the workplace and through his apprenticeship work.

“An apprenticeship is made for someone who is really dedicated and wants to drive their career forward. Max is definitely that person.”

What advice would Max & Ata give to fellow apprentices and employers?

So as someone who has had such success within his role and has really benefited from being an LDN Apprentice, what advice would Max give to someone else who’s thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

“I would consider all your options and make sure an apprenticeship is the right path for you!


“It can be hard work, but most of all, do what you want to do! If you want to have a great experience within an actual work space and get paid at the same time, then an apprenticeship is most definitely the option for you!

On the employer side of recruiting an apprentice, there may be no better person to ask than Ata! 

As previously mentioned, Ata has taken on another LDN Apprentice for his team and has been such a fantastic and inspirational line-manager for Max.

What words of advice would he give to another business looking to hire an apprentice?

“I’ll admit that I had preconceptions before hiring my first apprentice.


“Someone might say to me they’ve had a bad experience with an apprentice in the past. I wasn’t sure whether that may have been down to the selection process. Were they hiring the right person?


“I have to say all the candidates I’ve met through LDN Apprenticeships have been absolutely fantastic.


“It’s been thoroughly rewarding for me as a manager. Its’ been really humbling for me to give someone on the start of their journey an opportunity to get a job, get paid, get experience and get all the things they want to get out of it.


“So I would say most definitely do it!”

Following the great success with hiring an LDN Apprentice, along with Max and Sam in Ata’s team, Simply Business have also gone on to hire apprentices within other departments as well!

Serena Vano from our Future LDN pathway is currently working within the Operations department as a Tech Ops Assistant Apprentice, whilst Leila Arar has more recently joined the Marketing side of Simply Business as their new Marketing Design Apprentice!

We’ve loved working with Ata, Max and the whole team at Simply Business. It’s so great for us to see so many success stories like Max’s come out of one company as they continue to invest in youth and benefit from the huge pool of talent that’s in apprenticeships.

Congratulations to Max for completing his apprenticeship and gaining a place at University in September and thank you to Ata and the Simply Business team for their support and guidance to Max and fellow LDN Apprentices.

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Ellie @ Funding Circle

Ellie @ Funding Circle

After winning our Apprentice of the Year during the LDN Apprenticeships Graduation Ceremony this year, we thought what better time to unveil our latest case study with the winner herself!

This took us to the Funding Circle offices in central London, where we caught up with Ellie and talked to her about role as a Loan Closing Analyst and how her apprenticeship and job has progressed from when she started her level 3 apprenticeship, to her current level 4 Business Administration Apprenticeship. 

We also had the chance to talk with Ellie’s line-manager Hattie Spurrell, who gave us an overview of the importance of Ellie’s role within her team at Funding Circle and having hired a number of Apprentices through LDN previously, what the benefits are in hiring AWESOME apprentices like Ellie.

So what was behind Ellie’s decision to do an apprenticeship over university or looking for full time work?

Well, it was an opportunity to combine the quality of learning that a university degree provides and the immediate experience that comes with full-time work. 

“When I was at school I wasn’t really enjoying it and wanted to dive in to the world of work and an apprenticeship just seemed the best way to gain experience.” Said Ellie.


“University wasn’t really a road that I wanted to take. So without having a qualification, an apprenticeship was the best route to take because I knew I could learn whilst working at the same time.”


The decision to do an apprenticeship brought Ellie through the LDN HQ offices in Stockwell, where she met Hattie at our Career Kickstarter event. 

“When I went to the Career Kickstarter, Ellie really stood out,” said Hattie.


“She was really approachable and stood out amongst a strong group of candidates. To meet someone so young, yet so keen to get into the world of work was a huge positive for me straight away.”

After impressing Hattie and the Funding Circle team during a week long work trial, Ellie was then offered the role and given the fantastic opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing companies in central London.

Having hired a number of LDN apprentices in the past, Hattie talked to us about the process in hiring an apprentice and how she’s been able harness new talent by recruiting apprentices. 

“Apprentices certainly bring a new dynamic to the team and being so young, they come with a certain sense of excitement and eagerness to learn new skills.


“Like Ellie, all apprentices have their apprenticeship work to do as well as their work with us, so it shows a huge amount of dedication to juggle both things at the same time.”

Having now been at Funding Circle for over two years throughout both her level 3 and level 4 apprenticeship, Ellie is now an integral part of the team and has picked up a variety of very useful and different skills.

The skills Ellie is learning covers all aspects of the learning and development of an apprentice. So it’s not just direct skills relating to her role within her job but also her soft skills and acclimatising herself to working within a high-performing and fast-moving workplace.

“Since I’ve been at Funding Circle, I’ve learnt so much about the financial world. On top of that though, I’ve developed a better understanding about working within a team and achieving things as a collective, something I didn’t have much experience with before I started.


“Over time, I’ve been able to take on extra responsibilities and have even begun training new starters which has been great. Having a supportive manager like Hattie means I’m able to learn a lot directly from her as well!


“It can be quite daunting at first going from a level 3 to a level 4 Apprenticeship and as I expected, is a bit more of a work load. The support I received from my LDS made the transition much easier and I get all the support I need throughout doing my level 4.”

Hattie can also see the improvements in Ellie’s skillset since she started her apprenticeship and having been her line-manager throughout her whole apprenticeship journey so far, it was inspiring to get her thoughts on Ellie’s progression over the last two years.

“Ellie has always been committed to the role from day one and it wasn’t really a challenge to get her up and running.


“She’s definitely one of the strongest performers in the team and her knowledge of the company means she now knows the role inside out.


“I don’t think we’d be where we are today without her in the team.”

With Ellie now coming to the end of her apprenticeship, with an Apprentice of the Year award in the bank and having learnt so much within her time at Funding Circle and as an LDN Apprentice, what would she say to another young person looking to kickstart their career with an apprenticeship?

 “I would definitely recommend doing it!


“I’ve had no regrets and it definitely sets you up for a future career. It’s certainly a great path to take to learn some skills and gain some experience working at the same time.”

It’s not just Ellie that has benefited from apprenticeships!

Hattie is now preparing to recruit her next LDN Apprentice, so what would be her advice to fellow managers and employers looking to hire an apprentice for their team? 

“To any employer thinking about hiring an apprentice, I would definitely do so!


“As I mentioned, apprentices add a completely new dynamic to the team and in my experience, are incredibly supportive of other people. We’ve had such success with Ellie that we’re looking to hire two more LDN Apprentices within the near future!”

We love working with companies like Funding Circle who are willing to invest and take time to unearth and manage the talent that can be found within young people looking to do an apprenticeship.

Congratulations to Ellie on all of her success so far with us and Funding Circle and thank you to Hattie and the team at Funding Circle for their continued support for Ellie.

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Adam Hunt @ District4

Adam Hunt @ District4

Recruitment company District4 hired their very first apprentice in October last year and introduced Adam Hunt as their awesome new Digital Marketing apprentice!


There are a number of fantastic apprenticeship stories within the awesome businesses we work with at LDN Apprenticeships and it’s always great to place young people into jobs around London with brand new companies.


We discussed their roles and how Adam has helped District4 progress as a business and helped them compete within the highly competitive recruitment industry.

Adam started by telling us about why he applied for an apprenticeship and the choices he had to make.

“I decide to do an apprenticeship because I went to uni last year and I didn’t feel like it was for me.


I work better by actually doing practical work alongside the learning process, so an apprenticeship was much better for me personally.”

After making the big decision to leave university and kickstart his career with an apprenticeship, it was now time to get a job!

Adam met Kyle at our Career Kickstarter event, who was attending alongside several other employers looking to recruit an apprentice into a digital marketing role for his team.

Amongst a strong group of potential digital marketers, Adam stood out amongst them. Kyle felt he would be a perfect fit for the District4 team.

“What convinced me to recruit Adam was meeting and interviewing him at the Career Kickstarter,” said Kyle.


“Spending time with a different group of potential apprentices and seeing different skills was a big part of the hiring process.


“Then after seeing Adam’s skills really shine when given different tasks during his work trial for us, we felt like he was a really good cultural and skills based fit”

Within the ever-changing world of recruitment, it is important for recruitment companies to keep up and evolve its business for the digital world.

Kyle went on to talk about the tasks and jobs Adam has taken over since starting at District4 and the weight it has lifted off his shoulders, not to mention the time it has saved not only him, but the company as well. 

“Before Adam joined, I was responsible for all of our social media and the planning of our community platform!


“He has now taken on both of these roles to great effect. He owns them completely and has freed up an incredible amount of valuable time.” 

Adam explained to us in more depth about those tasks he has taken over and how he has become such an integral part of the District4 team in such a short space of time.

Taking over the marketing side of the business and implementing new strategies and ideas was certainly a big task and Adam knew this was an opportunity to show his passion for marketing.

“No one else was really marketing here, so I pretty much had to do everything myself. So it’s really good to understand the concept and different strategies the I can use.


“I’ve also been a part of creating big projects in the first few months as well. We did a series called ‘Why Move’, which is all about relocating to different areas of the world which I wrote the copy for and marketed.


“I also created the infographic that was shown at our awards night and seen by the whole company, so that was really enjoyable to create as well.”

The world of recruitment is changing and District4 are evolving with the times. The days of hitting the phones and talking to as many people as possible are still a huge part of recruitment, but the advances in technology and online recruitment mean there is a huge area of potential expansion.

Now Adam is settled into the role and embedded into the team, Kyle can now begin to see the benefits in recruiting a digital marketer for his sales pipeline.

He talked to us about his decision to recruit a young person studying digital marketing, as opposed to a ‘traditional’ recruiter.

“For Adam’s role, it isn’t about the recruitment experience and the ability to recruit. It’s really about communication with our community as a talent, so having someone who isn’t focused on recruitment allows them to build a much easier relationship.


“From that, we’ve seen a lot of positives. We’ve brought in new clients from events that Adam has been a part of running and we’ve certainly seen a huge uptake in our followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media presence really does make a huge difference.”

By introducing Adam to the team, Kyle took advantage of an untapped pool of talent he wouldn’t have been able to find without hiring an apprentice.

There was a well thought out recruitment structure when deciding to hire an apprentice, with the idea of not only bringing in fresh ideas but changing the team dynamics upon his arrival as well.

 “We could have gone and tried to find someone with experience but I think they would’ve brought a very rigid view of how to do things.


“Having someone come in without the experience but a lot of new ideas has allowed us to really try different things.


“Adam is now an integral part of the team. He’s very keen to own parts of the role confidently and delivers on them consistently.”

Adam and his team at District4 are a brilliant example of how apprenticeships work for businesses and for young people.

Recruitment is a highly competitive business and by hiring Adam, Kyle and the team are futureproofing their business by and injecting new ideas into the company with a digital marketing apprentice.

Congratulations to Adam on his continued success and thank you to Kyle for all of the continued support he has given to him.

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Reuben Bell @ Clarion Housing Group

Reuben Bell @ Clarion Housing Group

With various offices around London, we went to see Reuben Bell in Clarion’s South London office, where Reuben is currently on our Future LDN programme as a Data Analyst apprentice at the largest housing association in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of fantastic apprenticeship stories around all of the awesome businesses we work with at LDN Apprenticeships and having built up a great relationship with Clarion Housing Group – who currently have three LDN Apprentices on their books – it was the perfect place to head for our case study series!

So we popped into their office to talk to Reuben about his decision behind starting an apprenticeship and what’s he’s currently learning within his role.

We also caught up with his line manager Rob Cheyne – the Finance, Compliance and Audit Coordinator at Clarion – to get his thoughts on hiring apprentices and how recruiting an apprentice like Reuben can benefit the business and his team.

Reuben started by telling us why he chose to do an apprenticeship and his decision to leave University after realising he wasn’t enjoying the course he had enrolled in.

“I wanted work experience and since this was my first job, I wanted something that would give me the necessary experience and confidence to flourish in this sort of environment.” Said Reuben.


“Within the first year of university, I realised I didn’t have much of an interest in what I was doing. I didn’t feel like I had a sense of direction and it wasn’t benefiting me. It was very expensive, so I decided to leave university and try a different path into work.”

After making the big decision to leave university and kickstart his career with an apprenticeship, it was now time to get a job!

Rob attended a Career Kickstarter day at our Lansdowne offices to recruit someone to work closely with him and help out with tasks and jobs as well as relieve some of the workload from his shoulders.

“We got to see a whole group of apprentices and what attracted me initially to Reuben was his knowledge and his attention to detail.” Said Rob


“He also seemed very level headed for someone at his age. This stood out for me massively when recruiting Reuben.”

After going for a work trial with Rob and Clarion, Reuben received the news he had been hoping for and got the job offer, meaning he could now start his apprenticeship journey with us!

Working in an office was going to be a completely new environment for Reuben and something he’d need to grasp relatively quickly. He explained what it was like learning the ropes when he started within his new role.

“It was a combination of ease and a bit of a challenge!


There were things I picked up quite quickly and enjoyed. It was mainly things like office etiquette which came as a bit of a shock.


Managing my time was especially difficult at first. It was very different to what I was used to but everyone was so helpful and welcoming, so the bedding in process was a really nice experience for me.”

Rob also enjoyed helping Ruben adapt at Clarion and got a lot out of helping someone at such a young age acclimatise into the workplace.

“The really enjoyable thing about having an apprentice in your team is helping them adapt into their first taste of work. 


Reuben has been great at learning new skills and taking things on board and it’s been great seeing somebody learn from small errors and improve their confidence over a short space of time.


To see him grow and mature in confidence is so rewarding.”

In conjunction with his role at Clarion, Reuben is also learning skills and gaining qualifications at our Lansdowne Training Hub with his Learning Development Specialist, Dharam.

The Digital Project Admin pathway teaches apprentices valuable skills that can be transferred over into the workplace. Allowing Reuben to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to help Rob and the team at Clarion.

“The admin pathway has allowed me to develop my project planning skills and plan assignments around my working life.


Understanding how much time I’ll need to complete certain things and how that will effect the end goal in a specific space of time has been really helpful.


My biggest achievement since starting my apprenticeship has not only seen me boost in confidence, but also my organisational skills. I certainly feel much more comfortable in a professional environment.”

With Reuben now almost one year into his role at Clarion, it’s fair to say recruiting him into the data analyst role has been a huge success!

He is now able to save Rob and his team an incredible amount of time and lift the workload off of more senior members of staff.

“Reuben has saved us heaps of time!


We receive a lot of queries on a daily basis and he is always on top of addressing those, taking a lot of work out of my hands.


That’s helped me tremendously because I can now focus on more strategic issues like building and developing relationships.


Instead of looking down and rushing around trying to deal with data enquiries, I’m able to look up and support my programme lead.”

Having had Reuben by his side and helping for the past year, Rob shared some advice for other businesses who may be looking to hire and introduce an apprentice into their team.

“I would definitely recommend hiring an apprentice.


It’s been a great experience and it’s a really good opportunity to give somebody their first taste in work.


It has been interesting meeting other employers that have said to me they found apprentices have actually been more beneficial than their permanent staff!


I would definitely go back and recruit apprentices.”

For Reuben, the experience of learning and developing within the workplace has already seen his skill set and confidence increase so much in such a short space of time.

So what advice would he give to someone who’s thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

“I’d definitely say do it!


“It’s not easy all the time, but it’s certainly worth the experience. Your confidence will just grow because you’ll always be challenging yourself and doing new things.


You can only really gain from an apprenticeship!”

Reuben and his team at Clarion Housing Group are a brilliant example of how apprenticeships work for businesses and for young people. Highlighting the need to futureproof their business with young talent and inject new ideas into the company.

Congratulations to Reuben on his continued success and thank you to Rob for all of the continued support he has given to him.

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Eemaan & Adrian @ FanFinders

Eemaan & Adrian @ FanFinders

There are a number of fantastic apprenticeship stories to tell here at LDN Apprenticeships and our apprentices at FanFinders certainly fall under this category!

We currently have TWO fantastic software developers in Adrian Nica and Eemaan Beardon working alongside FanFinders CEO Alec Dobbie at their Shoreditch offices in East London.

What makes this case study particularly special is Eemaan was the winner of our Apprentice of the Year for 2017! So it was great to catch up with her and get her thoughts on not only winning Apprentice of the Year, but her experience in currently doing her Level 4 Software Development apprenticeship and how it differs from the Level 3 program she completed last year.

So we popped into the FanFinders office and talked to all three about their experience with LDN Apprenticeships and how they’ve developed within their role at FanFinders!

We started by talking to Eemaan and Adrian about the very beginning of their journey with us, if they were considering a different career pathway and why they eventually decided to do an apprenticeship.

I wanted to get more experience said Eemaan. I felt combining both experience with work would grow my skills better in the long run than just studying independently. 


Adrian agreed. The opportunity to earn money whilst learning really appealed to me. University would be three years and with the knowledge I already had, a software development apprenticeship felt best for me!

Both having made the decision to do an apprenticeship, the next part was getting a job!

Having hired Eemaan in 2016 and Adrian the year after, Alec has had plenty of experience in hiring apprentices and felt that both stood out as the perfect new recruits for FanFinders!

 We were looking for a mix of talent to come and work with us and help fill a couple of roles. LDN Apprenticeships helped us massively with this and we hired two really good apprentices from the Tech LDN program.


The positions we were looking to fill weren’t senior roles but at the same time, weren’t quite junior, so we needed to make sure they were strong candidates willing to learn within the role and that’s exactly what we found.

Having both secured positions at FanFinders, they now had to get up to scratch and really begin their roles on the front foot. Eemaan recalled what it was like learning the ropes during her first few months within the role.

It was a really life changing experience and I gained a lot of confidence. I had so much support from the tutors and the people that worked around me. Everyone helped me develop my skills and areas to improve.


Everyone was so supportive. We all got on well with each other and it was a really nice environment to develop and learn in.

Alec also gave us an insight into what it was like getting a software development apprentice up to scratch and if he changed his approach when he recruited Alec a year later.

 I don’t think we’d have got to Adrian if it hadn’t have been for Eemaan. This gave us faith in the process and system along with knowing the training at LDN Apprenticeships was paying dividends within our workplace.


We spend a lot of time within the first few months making sure they are learning what we need them to and put them on a structured program.


We started with very simple tasks before moving them onto more complex things going forward and it’s worked well. For example, Adrian has built a client portal that’s going to be a large piece of the business going forward!

The client portal Adrian built is just one of the many personal achievements for him since starting at FanFinders just under a year ago.

Adrian also feels his development and understanding of the FanFinders workplace and the business itself has been a big part of his development within his role.

Gaining experience in marketing and experience within the business world has been a huge achievement for me.


I’ve learnt so much and gained so much knowledge. My line manager here has 25 years of experience and he knows how the company works more than anyone here!


For someone young like myself looking to get into a software development role, I also feel I’ve learnt how to make really good software, not just plain code.

For Eemaan, who is now doing her level 4 software development apprenticeship, it was interesting to hear what the major differences were from doing a level 3 qualification and her decision to go on to a level 4 qualification.

 The biggest difference was definitely the intensity in work. So if you like a challenge it’s definitely something to look into!


The qualifications are so valuable though because you become MTA qualified and instead of having to pay for qualifications at university, here you’re supported by the company, which is ten times better for me!

Having hired two web and software development apprentices, what advice would Alec give to other business thinking of hiring an apprentice?

Absolutely do hire an apprentice and go forward with it.


It’s been a really rewarding and beneficial experience and for us, there’s no negatives from where I am. It’s cost-effective and you can see you’re helping young people move forward.


At the same time, it’s helping us as a business as well!

Alec’s positive experience in hiring Eemaan and Adrian was echoed by both apprentices themselves and their journey so far has given them both the opportunity to kickstart a career they’re passionate about at FanFinders.

So what advice would they give to someone who’s thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

You’re learning in the job and getting paid for it said Adrian. You’re not just learning in theory and it’s a completely different path to university.


You learn and accumulate a lot more skills that you would if you just went to university Eemaan continued.


Being a part of a workplace, you’ve got other teams and departments you can branch into and develop within all areas of a business.


For those thinking of doing an apprenticeship, I’d say definitely go for it!

Alec and his team at FanFinders are a brilliant example of how apprenticeships work for businesses and for young people. Highlighting the need to futureproof their business with young talent and inject new ideas into the company.

Congratulations to Eemaan and Adrian on their continued success and thank you to Alec for all of the continued support he has given to both apprentices.

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LDN Apprenticeships #WomenInTech @ Aspect Capital

LDN Apprenticeships #WomenInTech @ Aspect Capital

Did you know only 17% of the current roles in tech within the UK are filled by women?

We are inundated with applications at LDN Apprenticeships from young women looking to kickstart their career in tech roles such as Software Development, Digital Marketing and IT & Support.

There is currently a 50/50 split of male and female applicants for our pathways. So why is there such a gap in diversity within the current tech workplace in the UK? It’s time for something to change and bridge the diversity gap!

We teamed up with Aspect Capital to provide a unique work experience day for seven AWESOME young software development candidates who applied for an apprenticeship with us! The day was packed with talks, Q&A sessions and workshops provided by the top tech talent currently working within the tech department at Aspect Capital. They were able to provide valuable insight into their experiences in becoming a software developer and the roles and tasks they play within the company.
My’a Douglas and Emily Bamford were two of the young women who attended on the day and found the workshops and talks hugely beneficial as part of their early development into starting a career in software development.

“I found the whole day very informative and professional” said Emily.


“I’m going to go away with a lot of information and feel a lot more confident in going home and doing my own coding! It will also help me generate more ideas and conduct more research into software development.”

My’a agreed that the knowledge she’s going to take away from the day and the workshops they participated in were hugely beneficial and completely different to what she has previously done!

I really enjoyed today! It was a lot different to what I’ve previously learnt and I’ve gained more hand on experience and learnt new languages as well!


I loved the workshops and what I learnt from them but it was also interesting to see how the company works and what roles software developers play in Aspect Capital.

Gemma Hagen is the lead developer within the software development team at Aspect Capital and being one of the 17% of women currently working in tech within the UK, was the perfect person to give advice and call on her own personal experiences.

 “We wanted to give them a bit of insight into what type of opportunities there are in the industry and what being a software developer is like.


I think software is still unfortunately stereotyped as an industry that is better suited to males. 


Obviously, I am a girl in software development and I strong heartedly disagree with that notion!


Anything that encourages women into the industry is hugely beneficial for everyone in it.”

Events like our #WomenInTech work experience day at Aspect Capital go long way in helping bridge the diversity gap and end the stigma surrounding the tech industry that still exists.

Allowing our candidates to experience and spend time with those who currently work within the tech industry on a professional platform gives them an opportunity that many young women before them may not have had.

The next step is now getting these eager and enthusiastic young women into tech roles across London and allowing companies to reap the benefits of injecting fresh talent into their teams and futureproofing their business.

Thank you to everyone at Aspect Capital and to the seven AWESOME young women who attended on the day and made it such a rewarding event to put on. It’s time to bridge the diversity gap!

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