Becoming Lambeth Made!

Becoming Lambeth Made!

Lambeth Council and LDN Apprenticeships are working together to create at least 100 new apprenticeships for young residents of Lambeth, working for companies in and around Lambeth.

We believe that young people in Lambeth can achieve awesome things, which is why we’ve partnered with the ‘Lambeth Made’ initiative. Lambeth Made is an opportunity for local residents to gain extra career support whilst applying for an Apprenticeship with us.

Since starting the collaborative project in May 2019, we have guided Lambeth candidates into face to face networking events with employers from Lambeth and Central London.


We caught up with a group of current Lambeth residents going through each stage of an apprenticeship with us. Kindness Adezor is one of the many Lambeth candidates who have been supported throughout their time here at LDN Apprenticeships.

Living in Herne Hill, Kindness heard about perusing apprenticeships through her school. Since applying, she is now meeting employers face to face through our unique Career Kickstarter events.


Kindness spoke to us about the struggles she has faced whilst trying to start her career as a Lambeth resident as well as joining of our Lambeth Made programme.


‘From experience, I know it’s hard to get an apprenticeship when you are just applying on your own. I think it’s easier if you have connections and know people. But for residents like myself, we don’t have these connections.’

‘This is why I think it’s important. I’m grateful LDN Apprenticeships are helping to connect me and other Lambeth residents together with employers. ‘

What it’s like to become Lambeth Made Apprentice.


Whilst candidates such as Kindness are attending our Career Kickstarters, Renaise Lewis is already five months into her apprenticeship as a Talent Scout with us here at LDN Apprenticeships.


As a Talent Scout, Renaise meets candidates at the very beginning of their apprenticeship journey. Drawing on her own experience of applying for an apprenticeship, Renaise is in a fantastic position to guide and mentor candidates before meeting employers.


We discussed her Apprenticeship experience so far. From her decision to do an apprenticeship, to her current role and what her motivation to become an Apprentice in the recruitment industry was.

‘When I started college, I didn’t enjoy it and was only going to mark that I had attended. I wasn’t learning and I love learning, sitting in a classroom wasn’t for me.

‘I needed to be doing something more, that’s how I decided an apprenticeship was for me!’   ‘A career in recruitment wasn’t something I had really thought about until I started here.’

Renaise is a brilliant example of how Apprentices can benefit from gaining exclusive workplace experience and how to optimise opportunities provided from the Lambeth Made initiative.

‘I love the Lambeth Made project and think it’s so good! I see people on the street in my local town doing nothing. It’s so cool that this is giving them the opportunity to do something with their lives.’

‘Whilst working here, I’ve seen a lot of what LDN Apprenticeships have done for people. I think it’s safe to say I’m excited to see what they can do for me!’

However, choosing and following the right career path isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Finding the right Pathway.

Myro Costa is currently in the final stages of his application process to become an IT Support apprentice. When Myro first contacted us, he was unsure about which pathway he wanted to pursue. Since attending a face to face interview with us, his passion for all things IT became very apparent. Due to his enthusiasm and drive, we pointed him into the direction of our Network Engineer pathway.


After researching the pathway, Myro couldn’t feel suited to the Network Engineer apprenticeship and is eager to start attending work trials for this particular programme.

‘LDN Apprenticeships have opened a new door for me. I can finally do something with my life that I’m going to put my all into.

‘A lot of people think that because we are young, we don’t have the correct skill set or work ethic. But LDN Apprenticeships think otherwise. 

‘This is why I would advise people to savour every moment they have during their apprenticeship and to prove stereotypes otherwise.’

You can hear more about Myro’s experience and how the Lambeth Made initiative is helping him and other apprentices throughout their different apprenticeship journeys.

If you are a Lambeth resident, aged 16-24, looking to kickstart your career now is the time! Apply now below!

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Beat The Rush! Why Now Is The Best Time To Hire Your Apprentice.

Beat The Rush! Why Now Is The Best Time To Hire Your Apprentice.

When is the right time to hire an apprentice? There’s never a bad time to hire an apprentice, as long as you feel you’re ready to introduce a new starter into your business.

Come September, there will be a spike in the number of companies looking for an apprentice as businesses return to normal after the summer break.


At the same time, school leavers will have discovered their GCSE grades. Looking to go into further education or start the first steps of their career.


This means there will be a HUGE rush to hire apprentices in the month of September. Making the process of recruiting the right person for your company more stressful than it should be.

We all know that July and August are incredibly popular months for team members to take their holidays. 

So September may seem like the ideal time to introduce an apprentice into your team. But be aware that every other business will have the same idea!

Get One Step Ahead.

Getting ahead of the curve and making sure you’re able to give yourself time to get a new hire in place before other businesses is key.


Whilst all other companies delay their hiring process and begin to rush in September, you’ll have a new apprentice in place with their feet already under the desk at your firm.


Competition in September is fierce and it’s not only competition from other business that you should consider. September is an incredibly busy period for school leavers.


Schools and colleges are starting up again and if a young person has not secured an apprenticeship, they may choose to go back into education. Similarly, clearing for universities begins in late August this year, creating more competition for the best young talent.  

School leavers will be receiving their GCSE results on the 22nd of August this year, but many will have been thinking about becoming an apprentice and taking their next step for quite some time. 


Those who are deciding between apprenticeships or university will either apply for an apprenticeship between June and August. If they don’t secure one, many will go on to university in September.


Many school leavers start looking for their next opportunity throughout their last year in school or college. Young people like this usually make for excellent apprentices. 


Why The Attitude Of An Apprentice Is So Important.


If they’ve been looking for some time, it normally means the young person is ready to take the next step. As well as this, they more than likely know what career path they want to take. It also demonstrates that they are proactive, and have the positive, can-do attitude that so many employers desire.

Here at LDN apprenticeships, our application process is specifically catered towards the attitude of an apprentice. Using the #EEWAP framework and a CV free process.

An apprentice’s attitude goes a long way to making an excellent and engaged member of your team. Skills are great and can be taught, but if you don’t have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, those skills may be wasted.


This is why school leavers present such an exciting opportunity for companies seeking to hire them as apprentices. Their attitude enables them to start a career they love and the training and support they’ll receive from you and their apprenticeship provider will help them to build on the skills they’ve already learnt.


August is a great time to recruit an apprentice. Just think – if you take action now, whilst everyone else is hiring in September, your new apprentice will already be embedded into your business and working within your team.

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Digital Marketing Stories

Digital Marketing Stories

Our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programme allows our apprentices to really show their creative side as well as make a huge impact within the variety of different employers and companies they work for.

We asked some of the businesses we work with about the AWESOME Digital Marketing Apprentices they’ve taken on board and what they’ve done to boost their marketing efforts since starting their apprenticeship with them!



Danielle Samuel

Bespoke Curtains & Blinds

Digital Marketing Apprentice


Danielle has been at Bespoke Curtains & Blinds for almost six months and was brought in by co-owner Stuart Murphy and the team to seriously raise the boutique curtain and blind company’s online presence.

After meeting Danielle at our Career Kickstarter in October of last year, we asked Stuart how Danielle has been getting on and how she has impacted the business so far.

“Danielle has been a breath of fresh air to the company” said Stuart.

“She has a wonderful and pleasant nature and has integrated seamlessly into our small office. Her enthusiasm for digital marking is obvious!

“Danielle has overseen a complete revamp of our social media platforms. In recent meeting, she expanded on the different analytics and programs she has introduced to help raise our profile and track the development. I found this remarkable! We have already seen positive feedback and Danielle has already put forward ideas on how we could continue to improve our presence.

“Given we are a small team, Danielle is left to her own devices in many respects. When given different tasks, she carries them out efficiently and nearly always at the first time of asking. In addition to this, Danielle continuously introduces new ideas and methods and has begun to create a genuine and important role within our company which quite simply did not exist before her arrival.”

Annabelle Harris

Clarion Housing

Digital Marketing Apprentice


Clarion Housing is the largest housing association in the UK, so anyone introduced to the marketing team would need to get up to scratch quite quickly! Something Annabelle had no problem in doing and certainly raised herself to the task!

We asked her line-manager and Clarion’s Digital Marketing Executive Ronika Ponja about the immediate impact Annabelle has made within such a large company and a big marketing team.

“Annabelle is incredibly polite and friendly to everyone she comes into contact with at Clarion!” said Ronika.

“She has become a part of the Digital team very well and knowing she has a creative hand, I have given Annabelle a number of tasks that require creativity and each time she has been extremely excited to start work. On most occasions she will go above and beyond to research tools before the meeting itself to ensure she is prepared and ahead of the game. Energy we like to see at Clarion!

“Annabelle has had to learn a large number of new systems since joining our team and as a kinaesthetic learner, she learns while actioning things and this has worked very well when I have provided training for her. She has understood how to html code text into our CMS system quickly.

“We recently held a large event for over 100 people for apprenticeship week and Annabelle took it upon herself to plan a social media campaign for this. This involved creating a content calendar and also a brief for the marketing team to pull together useful assets.

“After the campaign was complete she started to pull together data to analyse whether the campaign created an uplift in the number of page views to our apprenticeship pages on our website and if it effected our social media data at all. Great work by Annabelle. She is a great help to the team!”

Scarlett Clarke


Digital Marketing Apprentice


Shocklogic have been a long-standing partner with us for a number of years and having taken on apprentices within various roles within the company, Scarlett landed a job with fellow Lambeth neighbours Shocklogic almost one year ago!

We talked to her fantastic line-manager and Media and Marketing Coordinator Maggie Bruk about Scarlett’s time at the event management company based in Brixton.

“I have taken a few LDN Apprentices since working with Shocklogic and Scarlett is the youngest.” said Maggie.

“She has a lot of confidence for her age, and she brings some very welcome energy to the team. She has been a team member onsite in Paris, where they worked 14 hour days (over the weekend!), and she handled this pressure very well.

“Scarlett has learned so many new skills and responsibilities since she started and she has tackled them head on. This ranges from writing copy, to coordinating suppliers, and taking ownership of our social media strategy.

“She acknowledges and notes down all of her tasks as they are given to her, and will always ask if she has questions to make sure she delivers her tasks to the highest standard. She is not shy to speak up and give her opinion during our full team meetings (with sometimes up to 40 people present), and has proved in this short time to be a very valuable member of our team.”


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Why Breaking The Stigma Around Apprenticeships Can Benefit Young People And Businesses Alike.

Why Breaking The Stigma Around Apprenticeships Can Benefit Young People And Businesses Alike.

It’s all about choice! 


Since the introduction of the modern-day apprenticeship programmes, there has been a lot of debate on which route of further education is more valuable for young people – apprenticeships or university? 


The simple answer is both!   


Everyone has different learning styles. They should have the choice to follow the path they will get the most benefit from. Not the path parents, teachers or society chooses for them. 


When I first started working in apprenticeships it was perceived as the last resort. Attracting candidates that had no other choice.  


I’m pleased to say now that this ‘last resort’ attitude has moved on. Now employers are seeing the benefits of hiring young talent into their teams. Bridging much-needed skills gaps and watching someone develop and reaching their full potential. 


However, there is still work to be done in getting the message out that apprenticeships are a genuine alternative to university.   


Recently on A-level results day, I was disappointed to read some of the posts on social media belittling apprenticeships. Posts such as ‘Don’t worry if you didn’t get the grades you needed, you could always do an apprenticeship!’  


It can be damaging for young people to read throw-away comments and think apprenticeships are a lesser alternative. Young people should be presented with every available opportunity to them. Remarks such as the one above go a long way to blocking those opportunities, which is a huge shame. 


Further Proof There Is Talent In Apprenticeships.


There is so much young talent out there today hungry to kickstart their careers.  We see this week in, week out at our Career Kickstarters. Employers love coming along to these so they can experience and feel the energy and enthusiasm of young people today.  The statistics we receive back from employers prove this. 


100% of employers who attend a Career Kickstarter say they think it is a positive experience and one they think is helpful in terms of recruiting an apprentice.  


By ditching the use of CV’s and inviting employers along to kickstarters, it also eliminates unconscious bias that could come into play by reading a CV alone. On average, employers who attend a Career Kickstarter offer formal interviews to at least three candidates.  


These same candidates are applying for jobs, only to be screened out because they do not hold a university degree – whether it’s relevant to the job role or not.  This now means that not only are young people missing out on an opportunity, employers are missing out as well! 


Recruiting in youth and generation-z provides an untapped pool of talent that companies need to not only grow their business but future-proof it as well. Overall, of the employers that do attend a Career kickstarter, three out of four end up hiring an apprentice they met on the day.


I understand that some people want to go down the university route. To experience life and come out with a degree that may be relevant to their chosen career path. This isn’t every young person or school leaver’s choice of further education though.  


For them, it’s all about choice. And that’s just what an apprenticeship provides for young people. 

Capacity & Training Time: Overcoming The Barriers To Hiring An Apprentice.

Capacity & Training Time: Overcoming The Barriers To Hiring An Apprentice.

Teaching, training, developing and mentoring people on the job, providing them with valuable skills and watching them grow in their chosen career path.


These activities have been a passion of mine in every job I have ever had. It has given me job satisfaction throughout my career.


So, when I was given the opportunity to work for an apprenticeship provider as a Business Development Executive, I thought all my Christmases had come at once!


When I accepted the offer, I thought to myself: “this should not be difficult. Surely all businesses – small, medium or large would be on my wavelength and understand how taking on apprentices helps businesses to grow.”


However, since starting I’ve learned that it’s not quite so simple.

 The most common objection I’m encountering which is stopping potential clients from taking on an apprentice is a lack of capacity.


That’s a broad word. What is meant by not having the capacity? Is it desk space? Your organisation structure? Time?


Second on the list of objections is the extra time clients will need to spend training and coaching the apprentice. Of course we’re all busy – time is money, after all – but when was the last time you took on a new hire who didn’t need loads of training and support up front?


So What Are The Objections?


First, let’s think about the issue of a lack of capacity. Yes, employing an apprentice means commitment. Initially, an apprentice will need guidance and support, just like any first recruit you hire. They will also need to spend some time working towards their qualifications and attending workshops.


On average, three months into an apprenticeship, our apprentices can effectively execute the majority of the duties in their role with minimal supervision.

This means within a short period of time, apprentices are effectively taking on non-critical tasks which free up more senior people in the organisation. Et voila (yes, I’m French) – capacity becomes less of an issue.



As an objection, capacity is therefore somewhat counterintuitive. Taking on an apprentice might seem like a lot of work at first. But we know that the vast majority of our clients see a marked increase in the productivity of their teams as a result of hiring an apprentice.



What Are You Waiting For? 


Next, let’s have a think about objections around training up an apprentice. Of course, training takes careful planning and time to execute as well. As a result it’s costly.



However, training up new employees is a fundamental part of the on-boarding process for any growing business. The importance of ongoing on-the-job training and CPD is an undisputed must-have for firms like yours.



If on-boarding training is a given, what about on the job training? It doesn’t need to be as complicated or structured as you might think.



Imagine a master bricklayer of yesteryear and her apprentice. The master bricklayer would have taught her apprentice every trick, tool and skill of the trade during the course of the apprenticeship. In the same way, your apprentice will want to soak up all of the experience and knowledge in your organisation.



And fortunately, it’s not yesteryear anymore. Modern apprenticeships are supported by highly experienced, high quality providers who are there to support you and your apprentice. So, alongside your in-house training, your apprentice will get loads of incredible training from their apprenticeship training provider.



Good providers will ensure that the apprenticeship training is closely aligned to your business objectives and they’ll teach marketable skills which make apprentices more productive.



Overall, apprentices bring a new energy, perspective and dynamic to the workplace. Investing in young people today and understanding that these young people are the workforce of the future will protect your business from skills shortages, develop your organisational culture and bring diversity to your team.



Don’t object – get involved!

Adam Hunt @ District4

Adam Hunt @ District4

Recruitment company District4 hired their very first apprentice in October last year and introduced Adam Hunt as their awesome new Digital Marketing apprentice!


There are a number of fantastic apprenticeship stories within the awesome businesses we work with at LDN Apprenticeships and it’s always great to place young people into jobs around London with brand new companies.


We discussed their roles and how Adam has helped District4 progress as a business and helped them compete within the highly competitive recruitment industry.

Adam started by telling us about why he applied for an apprenticeship and the choices he had to make.

“I decide to do an apprenticeship because I went to uni last year and I didn’t feel like it was for me.


I work better by actually doing practical work alongside the learning process, so an apprenticeship was much better for me personally.”

After making the big decision to leave university and kickstart his career with an apprenticeship, it was now time to get a job!

Adam met Kyle at our Career Kickstarter event, who was attending alongside several other employers looking to recruit an apprentice into a digital marketing role for his team.

Amongst a strong group of potential digital marketers, Adam stood out amongst them. Kyle felt he would be a perfect fit for the District4 team.

“What convinced me to recruit Adam was meeting and interviewing him at the Career Kickstarter,” said Kyle.


“Spending time with a different group of potential apprentices and seeing different skills was a big part of the hiring process.


“Then after seeing Adam’s skills really shine when given different tasks during his work trial for us, we felt like he was a really good cultural and skills based fit”

Within the ever-changing world of recruitment, it is important for recruitment companies to keep up and evolve its business for the digital world.

Kyle went on to talk about the tasks and jobs Adam has taken over since starting at District4 and the weight it has lifted off his shoulders, not to mention the time it has saved not only him, but the company as well. 

“Before Adam joined, I was responsible for all of our social media and the planning of our community platform!


“He has now taken on both of these roles to great effect. He owns them completely and has freed up an incredible amount of valuable time.” 

Adam explained to us in more depth about those tasks he has taken over and how he has become such an integral part of the District4 team in such a short space of time.

Taking over the marketing side of the business and implementing new strategies and ideas was certainly a big task and Adam knew this was an opportunity to show his passion for marketing.

“No one else was really marketing here, so I pretty much had to do everything myself. So it’s really good to understand the concept and different strategies the I can use.


“I’ve also been a part of creating big projects in the first few months as well. We did a series called ‘Why Move’, which is all about relocating to different areas of the world which I wrote the copy for and marketed.


“I also created the infographic that was shown at our awards night and seen by the whole company, so that was really enjoyable to create as well.”

The world of recruitment is changing and District4 are evolving with the times. The days of hitting the phones and talking to as many people as possible are still a huge part of recruitment, but the advances in technology and online recruitment mean there is a huge area of potential expansion.

Now Adam is settled into the role and embedded into the team, Kyle can now begin to see the benefits in recruiting a digital marketer for his sales pipeline.

He talked to us about his decision to recruit a young person studying digital marketing, as opposed to a ‘traditional’ recruiter.

“For Adam’s role, it isn’t about the recruitment experience and the ability to recruit. It’s really about communication with our community as a talent, so having someone who isn’t focused on recruitment allows them to build a much easier relationship.


“From that, we’ve seen a lot of positives. We’ve brought in new clients from events that Adam has been a part of running and we’ve certainly seen a huge uptake in our followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media presence really does make a huge difference.”

By introducing Adam to the team, Kyle took advantage of an untapped pool of talent he wouldn’t have been able to find without hiring an apprentice.

There was a well thought out recruitment structure when deciding to hire an apprentice, with the idea of not only bringing in fresh ideas but changing the team dynamics upon his arrival as well.

 “We could have gone and tried to find someone with experience but I think they would’ve brought a very rigid view of how to do things.


“Having someone come in without the experience but a lot of new ideas has allowed us to really try different things.


“Adam is now an integral part of the team. He’s very keen to own parts of the role confidently and delivers on them consistently.”

Adam and his team at District4 are a brilliant example of how apprenticeships work for businesses and for young people.

Recruitment is a highly competitive business and by hiring Adam, Kyle and the team are futureproofing their business by and injecting new ideas into the company with a digital marketing apprentice.

Congratulations to Adam on his continued success and thank you to Kyle for all of the continued support he has given to him.

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