LDN Apprenticeships: Apprentice of the Year and Manager of the Year WINNERS!

LDN Apprenticeships: Apprentice of the Year and Manager of the Year WINNERS!


We have our winners!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of the Future LDN and Tech LDN Apprentice and Manager of the Year 2020!

This year we were inundated with nominations – receiving more nominations than the last two years COMBINED! So picking the winners was not easy!

Check out our announcement video to hear from our CEO, Simon Bozzoli, as well as from each winner from every category.


Below you’ll find every winner from each category and their fantastic nominations from their respective line-managers and apprentices. Congratulations to everyone nominated this year and to the LDN Apprenticeships Apprentice and Manager of the Year winners!

Tech LDN Apprentice of the Year

Matthew Rosete


Nominated by Pritesh Mawdiah: Head of Tech Support & Development

Matthew is one of the youngest apprentices we’ve had at Shocklogic and he is an outstanding human being!

His love for his work, his capacity to grow in every area of his life, his ability to confront difficult situations and take away a learning from every failure is an inspirational attitude for the team and the organisation.

He is an amazing member of the team and is always willing to jump in and help, always willing to teach others what he’s learnt and this, truly, is love care and commitment to that he does.


Matthew deserves not only apprentice of the month but also apprentice of the year should be created for such talented young minds. 

Future LDN Apprentice of the Year

Farhana Begum

Royal Society for Blind Children

Nominated by Sue Rivett: Service Improvement Manager

I’m really proud to nominate Farhana Begum for the Apprentice of the Year award.


When Farhana came to RSBC for a taster day she was quiet, timid and unsure of herself, though she demonstrated enough of the skills and qualities we needed for us to see her potential and offer her an apprentice place with RSBC.


We had expected our Apprentice Administrator role would provide the candidate with experience in completing a range of administrative tasks, such as making bookings, liaising with suppliers, keeping records and producing basic reports. However, the most important aspect of the role was handling all incoming phone and web enquiries. This required the postholder to have the confidence and maturity to be the first point of contact for families of visually impaired children and young people, some of whom might be in a fragile emotional state and all of whom were seeking advice or support.


As well as performing this vital aspect of the role so well, it quickly became apparent that Farhana was a super quick learner, had excellent organisational skills and was keen and eager to expand her role and take on new responsibilities, whilst at the same time managing the requirements of her apprenticeship work for Future LDN. So, within a short space of time, she took the lead in piloting the department’s use of a new CRM database, which involved her liaising with colleagues across the organisation, monitoring, troubleshooting and feeding back on issues and, in the initial stages, managing both digital and back-up manual systems. Her success in this earned her recognition from her departmental director and led to her being entrusted with other new projects, including responsibility for the department’s social media output.


Farhana has fully demonstrated EEWAP and her personal growth throughout her apprenticeship period has been impressive. It didn’t surprise me or any of her colleagues that she met all her deadlines and completed her apprenticeship modules with no work returned. She is a much-liked and greatly-valued member of the RSBC team and we had no hesitation in offering her a permanent role on completion of her apprenticeship.


Many thanks to LDN Apprenticeships for their support and I look forward to Farhana’s continued success in her future career.


Future LDN Manager of the Year

Adrian Califf

Warner Bros

Nominated by Future LDN Apprentice: Charlie Wait

I am nominating Adrian because I don’t believe anyone could have been as lucky as I was to have such a kind and considerate manager.

When joining Warner Bros, I entered a timid boy riddled with external problems and a fear for self-value. Adrian relentlessly stood with me and offered support and care in factors that others would turn a blind eye at. My time with Adrian has helped refine me and has most definitely turned me into the well-rounded man I am today.

Whilst working with Adrian, I was taught a myriad of information about film. From the basics of how the industry works, the progression & hard work needed to stick around and the technical nitty-gritty which is always evolving and forever changing the media landscape. Adrian would rigorously teach me the “ins and outs” of technical know-how and I in return would relish in the opportunity to indulge in his rhetoric.  

In regard to personal life, I was struck by a bout of bad health. Adrian always offered help & guidance and would make visits to see if I was ok and getting better. I then had a misfortune of family issues which was no uncommon factor in my young life. Adrian helped me, showed me how to be self-sufficient, deal with the pain caused by these circumstances and went out of his way to make sure I was safe.

The thing that I am most grateful for is the number of chances he took on me. I entered expecting to become the tea boy but Adrian gave me chance upon, chance to prove myself. Sometimes our ideologies and visions would not align but that was only because Adrian had already considered the possibilities had seen their downfalls. If it was a possibility that he may not have considered, then instead of rejecting my ideas he would help me carry them out and see them to full fruition.  

Adrian is a brilliant manager not because he leads from the front but because he leads from the back and by doing so, makes sure no one is left behind! He raises you up when you’re down and pushes you forward when you fall back.

“A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” John C. Maxwell.


Tech LDN Manager of the Year

Marc Roberts


Nominated by Tech LDN Apprentice: Leydiane Alves de lima

Marc has been the best manager to work for as he is all things you would wish for when working at a new job. Since my first day, he has made me feel a part of the team and eased my nerves of starting a new job in a completely new field. Despite not knowing much and needing help with small things, he always made me feel like a valued member of the team and invested in me before I could see any potential in myself.

No matter how long I took to complete a task he was always patient and understanding, and gave me all the time I needed to figure it out.

In addition to that, he has involved me in more challenging tasks which has given me valuable experience doing so in the right time to ensure I did not burnout. These are the things that make him an excellent leader of the tech team and CTO to hiyacar as he displays these attributes consistently to anybody that needs his help whatever the time.


LDN Apprenticeships: Apprentice of the Year and Manager of the Year WINNERS!

Apprentice & Manager of the Year 2020 Nominations


We’re delighted to announce the nominations for this year’s LDN Apprenticeships Apprentice of the Year and Manager of the Year!

This is a great opportunity to showcase all of the brilliant and fantastic work our LDN Apprentice class of 2019/20 have achieved throughout their apprenticeship. 

It’s also a chance for apprentices to highlight the dedication and hard work their line-managers have put in during their time as an apprentice. So for the second year running – we are awarding the Manager of the Year trophy across both our Future and Tech LDN pathways.

Check out the nominations below!

Apprentice of the Year

This award is an opportunity to specifically congratulate apprentices within both the Future LDN and Tech LDN programmes that have not just excelled within their apprenticeship but also within their workplace, becoming an integral part of their team and showcasing #EEWAP to the absolute maximum!

Each apprentice in this category has been personally voted for by their line-managers and colleagues. From running a team of Software Developers to Project Managers at BT Sport – this award in the past has showcased some truly inspiring talent who have now gone on to futher their careers!

The nominees for the Apprentice of the Year as listed below are:


Manager of the Year

For the second year running – we are pleased to announce our nominees for Manager of the Year.

This award gives our LDN Apprentices an opportunity to thank their line-manager for the support they’ve given them throughout their apprenticeship. It’s been great to read what our apprentice across all pathways have said about their line-manager and the different ways each one has helped their apprentices – whether it’s professionally or on a more personal development level.

The nominees for the Manager of the Year Award as listed below are:

LDN Apprenticeships: Coronavirus

LDN Apprenticeships: Coronavirus



As of Wednesday 18th March, LDN Apprenticeships has moved to being fully remote.

Whilst this changes our processes slightly, the results of our work remain the same as they have always been.


 We have been delivering our apprenticeships both in-person and digitally for some time now. For the vast majority of our team, this means that they’re continuing their normal work, but they’re doing it exclusively using electronic means – video conferencing software and online messaging services. We have had these systems in place for a number of years, so our team have taken to it like ducks to water.


We are pleased to say that this means the LDN experience for candidates, apprentices and employers remains at the high standards we have delivered for almost ten years.


How will we deliver our apprenticeships and support our current LDN Apprentices? 

Our brilliant Skills Coaches are trained to deliver digital classes, meaning we are able to seamlessly transfer our workshops over to a remote teaching structure. We are making use of a range of innovative features within our video conferencing software to ensure we maintain a high level of engagement and collaboration in our classrooms, as well as allowing for one to one tutoring where it’s needed.


Making sure our apprentices are able to continue their apprenticeship is of paramount importance to us. Switching to a digital first delivery and ensuring that we remain aligned to the requirements of our apprenticeship curriculum is something we are able to not only support, but implement to the highest standard.


As well as continuing monthly coaching sessions with every learner, our Skills Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are able to provide any pastoral care or support that is needed. As is normally the case – apprentices can contact their Skills Coach or another member of the LDN team to raise any issues they may be having through any of our communications channels.


Making sure our apprentices still feel supported under the current circumstances is essential and we will continue to work with them and support them day in and day out.


Pairing companies with the best talent.

With our current digital systems in place – we are in a unique position to continue matching brilliant candidates with awesome businesses.


Our process has been adapted to suit the current environment, but the results remain the same – we continue to be utterly focused on helping talented young people to find jobs they love and start meaningful careers.


Our Career Kickstarter events are now being delivered digitally, with candidates being interviewed and screened via video call before meeting employers online.


Thanks to our network and application system, we’re continuing to attract some of the best young talent who are looking to kickstart their career with an apprenticeship.


If you would like to know how we can continue to help you find the best young talent for your business, please get in contact with us here.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship and would like to find out more about our current recruitment process – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com.

If you have any further enquiries – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com

Best wishes,

The LDN Apprenticeships Team.


LDN Apprenticeships & Cloud Gateway Working Together

LDN Apprenticeships & Cloud Gateway Working Together


 LDN Apprenticeships take a digital first approach for continued support of London businesses and apprentices during Coronavirus pandemic


Cloud Gateway donates hardware for the creation of a virtual training room

LDN Apprenticeships will take a digital first approach to support 160 apprentices across 100 different London businesses, protecting small businesses and the wider London economy during the Coronavirus pandemic. The company will make the move to distance learning as part of their programme, ‘Do everything differently – but get the same results’, during this challenging time.

LDN Apprenticeships, founded in 2010, partners with over 100 businesses to provide a range of tech and digital apprenticeships – from Digital Marketing and Software Development, to Finance/Accounting and Business Administration. Working with young Londoners from diverse backgrounds, the scheme has successfully placed over 700 people into their dream jobs.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, distance learning has become essential to ensure that education and training can continue to provide apprentices with the best tools to succeed and remove any opportunity for a skills gap to grow.

Cloud Gateway, who recruited an apprentice from LDN Apprenticeships in January of this year, has donated equipment such as a computer, webcam and accessories to transform a LDN Apprenticeships meeting room into a distance learning facility, to host online learning sessions for its 160 apprentices. Cloud Gateway’s donation has protected the continuation of the young apprentice scheme and given LDN Apprenticeships the tools to provide a world class training service, no matter the circumstances.

Justin Day, CEO & co-founder of Cloud Gateway said, “We have worked closely with LDN Apprenticeships this year, with one of our own fantastic team coming through the scheme. Cloud Gateway is committed to championing young talent making sure that they feel supported and encouraged to pursue their dreams. The work that LDN Apprenticeships do is fantastic, and we are delighted to be supporting them while they continue the great work in unprecedented circumstances.”

LDN Apprenticeships CEO, Simon Bozzoli said of the donation, “Businesses large and small are facing a huge challenge as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds. At LDN Apprenticeships we’re working harder than ever to ensure we continue to provide an outstanding service to our apprentices and employers. The support we have had from Cloud Gateway will make it easier for us to achieve this.

We’ve converted all of our teaching sessions into video conferences and we are conducting our workplace coaching sessions and interviews for prospective apprentices via video call. Being able to provide this level of consistency means that our 160 apprentices will continue

to be supported and we know this is massively valuable to the 100+ employers that they work for.”

If you’re thinking of HIRING an apprentice with us, click on the link below to discover more!

LDN Apprenticeships Publishing Assistant Induction.

LDN Apprenticeships Publishing Assistant Induction.


Last week, we inducted the very first cohort of Publishing Assistant Apprentices into LDN Apprenticeships!

We welcomed a group of 16 enthusiastic and awesome apprentices as they embark on the ground-breaking new Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship programme. Helping young people kickstart their career within the publishing industry.

Throughout the day – the publishing apprentices were able to discover all about the knowledge they’ll be learning within the qualification – a course and learning structure created specifically for publishing.


Joining us for the day was Chief Executive of the Publishers Association, Stephen Lotinga.

Stephen was able to talk to some of the new Publishing Apprentices before they begin their new journey. Working for the likes  of Penguin Random House, Dorling Kindersley, Cambridge University Press and HarperCollins.

Speaking about the introduction of the new apprenticeship standard, Stephen was thrilled about the programme finally becoming a reality.

“It has been a real pleasure to meet the new apprentices today as they begin what we hope will be long and rewarding careers in publishing.  said Stephen. 


“We and our members have been very proud to support this initiative. We hope it will grow further in the coming years and become an important part of widening access to careers in publishing.”

Applying for a Publishing Apprenticeship.

We also managed to catch up with some of the new publishing apprentices on the day and asked them what attracted them to apply for the various Publishing Assistant opportunities and what they hope they’ll bring to the role. 

Danielle O’Brien is starting her publishing apprenticeship with Penguin Random House as an Editorial Assistant Apprentice. She talked to us about her desire to get into publishing as well as her application process for the apprenticeship.

I always wanted to get into publishing and working with books and people who are like-minded. I knew I had the right skills going into it and apply them into the industry said Danielle.


“LDN Apprenticeships really attracted me to the apprenticeship. Their application process means I didn’t have to prove myself with grades or degrees. It was about who I was as a person and what I could provide to Penguin Random House.” 

Joining the LDN Team!

The Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship Standard Curriculum is the perfect introduction into the publishing industry. Designed by some of the country’s leading publishing houses, it will align what an apprentice is doing in the workplace with what they are learning in their workshops.

Vimbai Shire will be the fantastic new Skills Coach teaching the class of publishing apprentices. Vimbai brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously worked for the likes of Granta, Canongate and Oneworld, and has most recently been working as a consultant to the publishing industry. 

“The publishing apprentices’ induction day marked the culmination of over two years’ hard work behind the scenes. consulting on, developing and producing a first-class, technology-driven, industry-specific and government-approved Level 3 Publishing Apprenticeship – the first of its kind in the UK.” said Vimbai.


“I’m thrilled to be a part of the groundbreaking initiative and it was great to meet the new apprentices. 

 “I look forward to passing on my publishing knowledge and experience to LDN’s first publishing cohort!

Getting Started.

For many of the apprentices, this was not the route they envisioned taking into the publishing industry. Of the new cohort, 62% are under-graduates, having decided not to attend University.

Emma Payton is one of the new publishing apprentices who is an under-graduate. Starting at Cambridge University Press, Emma talked to us about what she’s most looking forward to about the apprenticeship!


 “Cambridge University Press specialise in a lot of research. Part of the publishing process is interviewing target users to see what drives them and motivates them.” said Emma.


“I have a background in psychology, so I absolutely love conducting research. I’d love to go and and conduct research of my own and contribute to our latest projects.”


Connor Kelly echoed Emma’s enthusiasm to get started within the publishing industry. Connor will be joining the Marketing and PR Team at Dorling Kindersley, having previously shown an interest in publishing and marketing.

 “I’m really excited to get an understanding of what goes into making a book. It’s most certainly something I want to be a part of.” said Connor.


“The job specification had a lot of marketing aspects to it and that drew me to it immediately. It’s something I really enjoyed doing at school. I’m eager to learn that side of things within the publishing world!”

What next for our new Publishing Apprentices?


Now the hard work starts for our Publishing Assistant Apprentices!

They will be learning a wide range of knowledge catered specifically for the publishing industry. From copywriting and proofreading, to marketing and PR they will be in a unique position to gain valuable experience within a publishing workplace whilst gaining a publishing qualification at the same time!

To be given the chance to welcome Vimbai on board to the LDN team and introduce 16 talented young apprentices to fantastic companies within the publishing industry is something we’re incredibly excited to be a part of!

Thank you to everyone who has helped put the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship Standard together.

Good luck to the first cohort of Publishing Apprentices!

If you’re thinking of hiring a publishing apprentice and would like to know more, click on the link below!

LDN Apprenticeships Ofsted Report 2019

LDN Apprenticeships Ofsted Report 2019

LDN Apprenticeships has been helping young people to find jobs they love and start meaningful careers for over eight years. In this time, we’ve helped almost 600 young people to become apprentices and we’ve been a part of the journey to employment for thousands more. 

The team and I are really proud of the young people that we work with and we value the opportunities that our employers give to them. For so many of our apprentices, these opportunities are truly life-changing experiences. 


In the first week of January, we had an Ofsted Monitoring visit – the first time LDN Apprenticeships has been inspected directly. Needless to say, a visit from Ofsted is always a big deal for organisations like ours. 

For those of you who know the ins and outs of how Ofsted inspects apprenticeships, this was not a ‘full inspection’ but rather a monitoring visit for newly funded providers.

Monitoring visits for new providers are different to full and short inspections. They normally take place over two days. Inspectors do not cover all aspects of the inspection framework. Inspectors make progress judgements on three themes: 


  • Leadership: How much progress have leaders made to ensure that they meet all the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision? 
  • The quality and outcomes of training:  What progress have leaders and managers made to make sure that apprentices receive high-quality training that leads to positive outcomes? 
  • Safeguarding:  How much progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that safeguarding arrangements are effective? 

The inspectors found that we are making significant progress in each of these three areas – the top mark that a provider can achieve in a monitoring visit. They understood and appreciated our vision for creating truly inspiring opportunities for apprentices. 

They were impressed with the fantastic outcomes our apprentices achieve during their time with us and they had high praise for the work we do to keep our apprentices safe and prevent them from falling into harm’s way.

Ofsted carried out 63 monitoring visits like this one to training organisations all over the country during the six months to August 2018 and only two organisations in that list of 63 received top grades in all areas.

The fact that we scored top marks in all areas, puts LDN Apprenticeships right up there with the top performing providers in the country. 

We’re very pleased with the result, but at the same time we know that there is still plenty of work for us to do. We know that we’ll receive a full inspection (the real deal!) sometime in the next 12 months, but this in itself is not a reason for us to continue to pursue the highest quality apprenticeship provision we can.  

Each improvement we make improves the experience our apprentices and clients have with us, and this is why we’re so focused on it. So, the team and I are totally focused on continuing to improve our programmes, our processes and the outcomes we enable, and we’re looking forward to working with you to make that a reality. 

This is a great opportunity to thank each and every one of our apprentices for doing awesome things every day, for working so hard and for being such a credit to LDN Apprenticeships and to the employers that you work for. 

It’s also my chance to send a massive thank you to the forward-thinking businesses who we work with who have chose to change the way their organisations looks, feels and acts by investing in apprentices. 

And finally, it’s a chance to celebrate all of the hard work that the team and London Apprenticeships does every day. Thank you!

Take a look at the full report, which is now available for download on the Ofsted website HERE:  https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/


If you’re thinking of HIRING an apprentice with us, click on the link below to discover more!

If you’re thinking of BECOMING an apprentice, click on the link below and find out how!