We’re happy to announce that the winner of Future LDN Apprentice of the Month is Emanuel da Silva @ Caritas


LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Emanuel’s nomination is below:


Energy: Emanuel has been at Caritas for 6 months and is truly an invaluable asset to the team. His sheer dedication to go above and beyond has definitely transpired in an impressive way and has shown through hard work you can achieve results.


Enthusiasm: Since Emanuel started his apprenticeship he has hit the ground running. He is honest, dependable and incredibly hardworking  and truly excels in an commercial environment. This is whilst fostering positive discussions in order to bring the best out of his colleagues.


Willingness to learn: The reason why I took Emanuel on was his response at interview stage that he would like to develop on

his areas of weakness e.g. communication skills. Emanuel has immersed himself into new projects and developed his sales etiquette skills which has proved vital for his role.


Ability to take feedback: Emanuel is a true team player and an impressive problem solver who is able to address complex issues as well as take feedback constructively. He is inspired by challenges and is able to resolve it with strategy and confidence.


Propensity to take action: As part of Emanuel’s apprenticeship he has been given targets both professionally & academically by which he has proved to me that he is able to balance the two with ease. Overall, he is a dedicated knowledgeable individual who is an absolute pleasure to work alongside.



Congratulations Emanuel!