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and shape them to become the leaders of the future in partnership with LDN Apprenticeships.

Embrace Diversity

Diverse teams perform better, it’s a fact. LDN Apprenticeships have helped hundreds of companies to take action on their diversity strategy.

Engage Gen-Z

Hiring from gen-z is different. We’ve worked with thousands of young people and hundreds of companies to attract, develop and retain gen-z talent.

Build Digital Skills

Digital will be the core skill required by 90% of jobs by 2030. Our digital apprenticeships will inject digital skills into the junior ranks of your business.


“Our unique screening tool which enables our clients to hire people with demonstrably great attitudes and a growth mindset.”

Since 2010, we have worked with thousands of young people, helping them to harness their Energy and Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, Ability to take feedback and Propensity to take action. We call this #EEWAP, and it’s helped over 500 young people to become successful LDN Apprentices.

The candidates we work with are talented and energetic young people who are enthusiastic about starting their career and learn new skills in a practical, working environment. They understand the value in the awesome opportunities that our clients have to offer and are ready for the world of work.

How does it work?



Traditional recruitment practices don’t work for apprentices. Our experienced team will work with you to define your apprenticeship strategy and understand your requirements. When you’re ready, we’ll invite you to one of our Career Kickstarter events to find your star.



Each of our apprentices receives at least 1 year of training and support in a pathway of your choice. They attend workshops at LDN Apprenticeships HQ, receive monthly coaching visits at work and receive unrivalled care and guidance from their skills coach.



84% of the apprentices we place achieve their apprenticeship.  At the end of the apprenticeship, our team will work with you and your apprentice to discuss progression. Most often, this means you offering the young person a permanent job – the ultimate indicator of success!

Our matching process

Through years of experience, we’ve learned that the best way to identify and recruit an apprentice is face-to-face. Our Career Kickstarter events run twice a week, giving you the opportunity to meet young people who are full of #EEWAP in the quickest and most efficient way possible. For candidates, its an opportunity to impress you in an environment where they feel comfortable and are able to put their best foot forward.

Our track record

We’ve been delivering apprenticeships with digital skills at their core for almost eight years. We’re proud of our history and all of the great stories we’ve helped our clients and apprentices to create.

84% of people who start an apprenticeship with us complete it and achieve their qualifications. Of those who complete, 91% end up in making real progress in their professional lives. Perhaps most importantly, three out of four LDN apprentices are offered a permanent job by their apprenticeship employer at the end of the course. Others go on to permanent employment with other companies, or to university or further study. Even more awesome – six months after finishing their apprenticeship, 100% of our apprentices are full-time work or education. Check out our factsheet for more stats!

  • achievement rate – 84%
  • Permanent offer rate – 76%
  • positive progression rate – 91%
  • 6 months post completion – 100%

What employers think about working with us…

To any employer thinking about hiring an apprentice and working with LDN Apprenticeships, I would definitely do so! 

Apprentices add a completely new dynamic to the team and in my experience, are incredibly supportive of other people.

We’ve had such success with our apprentice from LDN Apprenticeships that we will most certainly work with them again when we add to the team. 

Harriet Spurrell

Sales Support Team Manager, Funding Circle

“We could have gone and tried to find someone with experience but I think they would’ve brought a very rigid view of how to do things. 

Having someone come in without the experience but a lot of new ideas has allowed us to really try different things.” 

Kyle John Probert

Co-Founder, District 4

“I have to say that the experience with LDN Apprenticeships has been so rewarding both for me and the team. We have given someone an opportunity to develop and grow within a real working environment and become an integral part of the team.

I would highly recommend the apprentice route to any employer and I would recommend choosing LDN Apprenticeships as the provider.”

Catherine Lyons

Head of Finance, EU Networks

“It’s been thoroughly rewarding for me as a manager. This is my third apprentice now, we’ve got two on at the moment from LDN Apprenticeships and it’s been really really humbling for me to give someone else, someone new, on the start of their journey, an opportunity to get a job, get paid & get experience!” 

Ata Ata

Senior eCRM Manager, Simply Business

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