Enthusiastic young people. Inspiring modern teams. Skills for a digital world.

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Apprenticeships

We believe that young people are remarkable, and that they have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things.

7 years ago I sat down and registered a company. Little did I know where we would one day end up…

Today, LDN Apprenticeships helps businesses to harness the talent of hundreds of young people every year. We devote all of our energy, enthusiasm and resources to supporting brilliant 16-23 year olds into their first career job and our awesome learning and development team help them to build their skills and confidence while in work.

To celebrate our 7th birthday, i thought i would write a quick post about what we do, and why its AWESOME.

1. We create opportunities for young people to work in inspiring, modern teams

We work with the best employers to build high quality apprenticeships, giving young people the best possible chance of success. Apprenticeships should be the start of a successful career and young people undertaking our apprenticeships are assured that they will be working for a great employer doing a job which will give them an outstanding start in their working life.

2. We deliver the brilliant ‘Career Kickstarter’ programme – THE BEST recruitment process for hiring young talent.

Career Kickstarter is a structured event where pre-screened and trained young people meet employers face to face. The entire process is free of CVs. Instead, employers are encouraged to assess candidates based on their #EEWAP (Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, Ability to take feedback, Propensity to take action). Skills, aptitude and cultural fit are assessed at work trials, which are coordinated by LDN Apprenticeships and which replace traditional job interviews.

3. We offer apprenticeships with digital skills embedded in all of them, exclusively for 16-23’s

Business and tech apprenticeships with digital skills at their core. Alongside training for a particular job function, apprentices learn to use digital technologies to be more productive, adding value and driving innovation in the company where they are employed. We use Pluralsight and will soon be rolling out LinkedIn Learning to ensure that our apprentices continue to have access to world class learning content in every topic imaginable.

Pathways are available to suit almost any entry level office-based role, from sales to software development.



4. We provide the best coaching and support to our apprentices, and extra curricular activities which develop soft skills

Qualified and experienced tutors provide high-impact coaching and support to each apprentice, guiding them when things get tough and pushing them to achieve their best every day. A structured programme of one-to-one reviews, online coaching sessions and off-the-job training together with educational extra-curricular activities gives apprentices access to a network which will form the foundation of their career.

If you are interested in finding out how your business could invest in developing talent through an apprenticeship please visit ldnapprenticeships.com or drop me an email simon@apprenticeships.com and we can setup a conversation.