We are happy to announce that the winner of Future LDN Apprentice of the Month is Farhana @ Royal Society for Blind Children!


LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Farhana’s nomination is below:


Farhana was the first apprentice ever employed in our department and her post had previously been designated a full-time role. Having identified the role’s potential as an apprentice post we amended its responsibilities to allow dedicated learning time and to take into account the probable youth, inexperience and development needs of our apprentice. However, Farhana threw herself into the role and it quickly became apparent that she was hungry to learn and more than capable of accepting the challenges of a multi-faceted role. Within a short space of time, Farhana had taken on the full range of responsibilities and duties attached to the role and has since undertaken additional project work with managers and colleagues across the organisation.


Farhana quickly established herself as a popular member of the team. She conducts herself professionally and approaches her work with a maturity that belies her age and business experience. She is extremely organised and this allows her to be flexible, willingly adjusting her workplan to the changing priorities of her day. She is also reliable – if Farhana commits to something we know it will be done competently, with minimum supervision and within deadline. A natural problem solver, her growing self-belief has allowed her to voice her opinions and make suggestions, often drawing on her apprenticeship learning, and she can always be relied upon to remind us to lock our computers when we leave the room!

Willingness To Learn:

Farhana is a quick learner and this has enabled her to take on not only the full range of responsibilities associated with her role but also many additional tasks and personal development activities. She has initiative and is able to learn from colleagues and from each new business experience that she encounters. She also has the intelligence to apply each new piece of learning to all of her work, so that she is continuously reviewing and improving her own practice, to the benefit of the business.

Ability To Take Feedback:

 Farhana is happy to receive feedback, is never defensive and it is clear that she takes it on board and acts upon it. She is always willing to check her work, to clarify when she is unsure and to solicit feedback when it has not been offered. Importantly, she is also learning to be assertive in support of her own decisions and to give, as well as receive, feedback –  an important aspect of personal development.  

Propensity To Take Action:

Farhana has really developed in this area and is showing initiative and a willingness to take responsibility for her decisions. This has been particularly clear in her work on the new CRM system, when she has often taken independent action to deal with glitches, ensuring that the operation wasn’t interrupted and communicating across departments to update on system status and actions taken.



Congratulations Farhana!