We are happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month is Frankie @ Empiric Soloutions!

Empiric soloutions are a specialist technology recruitment agency working in data, digital, cloud and security across all industries internationally!

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP).

Frankie was nominated by his Skills Coach – Aziz, and the feedback was provided by Frankie’s line-manager and Head of Systems Director at Empiric – David Laubscher.

You can read the full nomination below!




Since Frankie has been with us he has taken on everything we have thrown at him with a smile. No task is too daunting he has integrated well with both the front and back office teams and has quickly become the go to person  for the staff. I often hear his name being called out to go assist other employees.



Frankie looks after all of our first line support for all of our sites both locally and abroad. He has rapidly gained a good understanding of the structure of the business and how it runs, this allows him to prioritise and manage his own work load which he completes with minimal fuss.



Willingness To Learn


While our environment is not typical for an IT department he has been able to learn the ins and the outs quite quickly to best serve the employees. He is also eager to learn things  that are outside of his area of work  so that he is ready to progress when the time comes.


Ability To Take Feedback


One of Frankie’s best traits is his ability to understand why it is he has gone wrong when I have to correct him,  which is few and far between sometimes I do not have the time to fully explain the reasons and he will go away and do further research himself to get a fuller understanding.


Propensity To Take Action 


As Frankie has gotten used to the environment he has come in to his own and now actively seeks out ways to improve the environment after being a little shy to take ownership in the early stages of his time with us.


I gave Frankie the project of rebuilding our F1 racing simulator which he is well on the path of doing.  Every day he has a few employees keenly asking him for the progress of the project as they all want to have a go in the new car.

He is an asset to our business full stop!


Congratulations Frankie! 

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