The winner of Tech City Stars Apprentice of the Month is Isabella Collishaw @ Potensis

LDN Group highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Isabella’s nomination is below:

Energy: Izzy comes to work with energy to spare for the rest of her team. Naturally she is very inquisitive and one of the reasons we selected her after her trial day with us that she asked the most questions compared to her peers. She demonstrates her energy by actively seeking work and assignments when is nearing the end or finished her previous task. Her daily repetitive tasks are so well done that we only need to catch up about them once a month in our reviews and so far we haven’t had any/many issues with these.

Enthusiasm: Izzy loves working here and she is really keen and enthusiastic to take on work and develop her own ability and understanding. A few months ago we changed her responsibilities and even moved her to a new desk as most of her work was supporting a different team. She is now fully integrated into that team and has become a vital member, freeing up others time to focus on billing.

Willingness To Learn: Izzy’s willingness to learn is evident by the sheer number of questions she asks. She wants to know how things work and why certain things happen the way they happen. Most of her questions are sensible and well thought out, she’s not asking “just because”, but there is a thought process behind the question. She also loves to learn new things, as her line manager and also the company training manager, I’ve spent a lot of time working with her and it is evident that she not only willing to learn new things but actually thrives from it. I get the feeling that she would get stagnant if there wasn’t new tasks or concepts to learn in her work. 

Ability To Take Feedback: I have no problem explaining things to Izzy. Generally I ask her once to do something or explain to her how something works and she gets it. Same with feedback. She adapts her behaviours in line with what has been discussed. So not only is she taking the feedback but she is also putting it into action on a daily basis.

Propensity To Take Action: As mentioned above Izzy seeks out new work when required but this now “normal” for her and we would expect anyone with more than 3 months experience to do this. What I would like to highlight is that Izzy is now foreseeing issues within the realm of her work. She noticed that there were some changes in the timesheets she was processing as we hadn’t received the timesheets from a number of the regular workers. For us this would mean lost or delayed business. Izzy called the workers and chased them for their time sheets. The result of this was no delay in business and no lost/missing workers’ pay, which always meant that the team she supports didn’t have to do it themselves. Another example is how on top of her coursework she is. I asked Izzy to set up a schedule and, where she can, stick to that schedule so that she stays on top of her work. She is very much ahead and continues to push and as a result she is likely to finish her coursework ahead of schedule, which means that she can focus on work for final few months of her apprenticeship and really add value to the business as a whole.

Congratulations, Izzy!