Sean @ Twisted Fish – Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month

We are happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month is Sean @ Twisted Fish! Twisted Fish are specialists in IT infrastructure and cyber security. They operate IT support helpdesks and infrastructure projects for large corporates and small to...


We are happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN August Apprentice of the Month is Joel @ Challow!

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP).

Joel was nominated by his Learning Development Specialist – Aziz, and the feedback was provided by Joel’s line-manager at Challow – Theresa Chandler.

You can read the full nomination below!



Joel consistently follows through every task set to him, without cutting corners and with a degree of completion that is far beyond his years and can be trusted to bring it to completion



Whatever role Joel is placed in whether it is working on site with clients or support calls he approaches it with the same dedication and attention.

Willingness To Learn

Joel has been given a wide variety of learning opportunities, he is attentive, engaged and takes notes where he feels he will need to refer. Crucially in our game where he finds himself out of his depth he has the good sense to stop.


Ability To Take Feedback

Where the inevitable transition to work adjustments have arisen Joel has demonstrated a clear listening attitude together with an ability to integrate any advice into his behaviour rapidly.


Propensity To Take Action 


Having given Joel several areas of responsibility it is gratifying to see him continually demonstrating that he does not need to be tasked to revert to work in those areas.

Joel was present on site with one other engineer when the entire site had to be reconfigured due to another supplier’s error. This was a massive undertaking with a short timescale that was far beyond the simple learning experience we intended when he went to site. Not only did he pitch in without question or comment but he stayed late we received several unprompted comments about his poise and confidence on site from the end users who were aware of what he was tasked with achieving. He was so impressive we were able to leave him onsite the following day to finish the implementation on his own.


Congratulations Joel! 

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