What we look for in an applicant when filling out an LDN application form!

Application forms are an absolutely crucial part of applying for an apprenticeship. Or any role for that matter!


You’ll be competing with a huge number of applicants just like yourself and it is our very first impression of you. So it’s imperative you get your apprenticeship opportunity off to a good start!


Remember we don’t use CVs, which makes your application process for LDN Apprenticeships unique! What this means is it’s catered more towards highlighting your best skills and strengths.


A CV is too bogged down in listing experience and grades – leaving little room to show what you’re about! So with that in mind – here’s our tips to help you give the best possible answers to each of our screening questions!

What interests you specifically about the job you have applied for?


So you’re looking for an apprenticeship and THIS is the job that stands out! Why did it stand out to you? There must be a reason you’ve clicked on this job ad?


Have the job description open in a different window or tab and keep referring back to it. Look at each of the Key Responsibilities and how you would tackle those responsibilities – drawing on any experience you might already have.

Why are you interested in the qualification you have applied for?

Have you read the qualification overview on our website?


Don’t forget, you’ll be gaining a qualification alongside your workplace role as well! This is a huge part of your apprenticeship, so you’ll need to make sure you know what you’ll actually be getting a qualification for!


You’ll be able to find an overview of all our apprenticeship pathways on our Programmes page on the website.


Make sure you understand these pathways and qualifications before applying. For example – if you’re applying for a Digital Marketing role – you’ll be learning a lot of different aspects within the Lvl 3 Digital Marketing curriculum! This includes Understanding Analytical Data, Email Marketing Campaigns and Coding. It’s not all about social media!

Tell us more about the career path you’re looking to take and why you think an apprenticeship will help you achieve that?

What specifically do you want to learn on this apprenticeship?


We’re here to help you kickstart a career you’ll love!


Three out of four apprentices that complete their apprenticeship with us are hired full-time by their employer – which is why becoming an LDN Apprentice is a fantastic chance for a young person to start their career.


We want to know more about that career you want to take though. Where do you see yourself within a few years’ time? Do you want to rise within a company as quickly as possible? Or would you prefer to take advantage of the solid foundation an apprenticeship can give you at such a young age? Either answer is fine from our point of view!


This is just a chance for us to help guide you down the right career path.

All of our opportunities are for candidates who are ready to start their apprenticeship straight away.

So with this in mind, tell us why now is the right time for you to kickstart you career?


This one is a bit more self-explanatory!


Our opportunities don’t hang around for long. So we would like to talk to young people who are ready to start an apprenticeship straight away!


Whilst we don’t discourage anyone who would like to take a break or a gap-year after exams – we would only be able to continue your application after this. To save you going through two separate application processes, make sure you’re confident you’re ready to start an apprenticeship.

Tell us something unique about yourself that will make you stand out from the hundreds of applications we receive a month.


The last question is all down to you!


You shouldn’t need any guidance from us here! This is your opportunity to tell us something unique about yourself. We get hundreds of applications a month – so what makes you stand our from the rest of fantastic applications we receive.


Don’t feel this needs to tie in with the job role or the apprenticeship qualification you’re looking to gain. We just want to get to know you a bit better!