LDN Apprenticeships: Coronavirus


As of Wednesday 18th March, LDN Apprenticeships has moved to being fully remote.

Whilst this changes our processes slightly, the results of our work remain the same as they have always been.


 We have been delivering our apprenticeships both in-person and digitally for some time now. For the vast majority of our team, this means that they’re continuing their normal work, but they’re doing it exclusively using electronic means – video conferencing software and online messaging services. We have had these systems in place for a number of years, so our team have taken to it like ducks to water.


We are pleased to say that this means the LDN experience for candidates, apprentices and employers remains at the high standards we have delivered for almost ten years.


How will we deliver our apprenticeships and support our current LDN Apprentices? 

Our brilliant Skills Coaches are trained to deliver digital classes, meaning we are able to seamlessly transfer our workshops over to a remote teaching structure. We are making use of a range of innovative features within our video conferencing software to ensure we maintain a high level of engagement and collaboration in our classrooms, as well as allowing for one to one tutoring where it’s needed.


Making sure our apprentices are able to continue their apprenticeship is of paramount importance to us. Switching to a digital first delivery and ensuring that we remain aligned to the requirements of our apprenticeship curriculum is something we are able to not only support, but implement to the highest standard.


As well as continuing monthly coaching sessions with every learner, our Skills Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are able to provide any pastoral care or support that is needed. As is normally the case – apprentices can contact their Skills Coach or another member of the LDN team to raise any issues they may be having through any of our communications channels.


Making sure our apprentices still feel supported under the current circumstances is essential and we will continue to work with them and support them day in and day out.


Pairing companies with the best talent.

With our current digital systems in place – we are in a unique position to continue matching brilliant candidates with awesome businesses.


Our process has been adapted to suit the current environment, but the results remain the same – we continue to be utterly focused on helping talented young people to find jobs they love and start meaningful careers.


Our Career Kickstarter events are now being delivered digitally, with candidates being interviewed and screened via video call before meeting employers online.


Thanks to our network and application system, we’re continuing to attract some of the best young talent who are looking to kickstart their career with an apprenticeship.


If you would like to know how we can continue to help you find the best young talent for your business, please get in contact with us here.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship and would like to find out more about our current recruitment process – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com.

If you have any further enquiries – please email us at hello@ldnapprenticeships.com

Best wishes,

The LDN Apprenticeships Team.