Digital Project Admin

Level 3 (13 months)

Customer Care, Communication and Security

Every business needs to be able to attract, retain and develop customer relationships. This module supports Project Admin Apprentices to use communication tools including email, CRM Systems & databases, to gather & share customer information to manage & develop customer relationships.

Personal and Business Growth

Effective employees are aware of their own personal and professional development, as well as the business’ development and growth. Therefore, our apprentices learn to work effectively and professionally, being aware of their responsibilities in the workplace and contribute to innovation & business development.

Project Planning and Implementation

Apprentices will develop an understanding of the Project Lifecycle, Agile methodology, the importance of budgeting and forecasting, and using Trello to manage and organise their projects. They will be able to apply this at work and to a project set by the employer and Learning and Development Specialist.

Productivity Software

Modern software used for productivity has the potential to completely change the way a business operates. This module delivers advanced training to Apprentices in Email, Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation Software as well as collaborative tools such as Trello and Slack.

Tutor: Dharam Lohia

Typical Job Titles: Office Administrator, Office Manager, Project Assistant

Qualification: Level 3 Apprenticeship for IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals

Duration: 13 months

Off-the-job Training: One day per month training at our Lansdowne training centre

Self – Study: 5 hours per week during contracted hours

Progression Options: Level 4 Project Manager Apprenticeship

Case Study

Project Admin case study coming soon!