Infrastructure Technician

(IT Support)

Level 3 (13 months)

Computer Networking

During the Apprenticeship, learners will understand the communication principles of computer networks, know the elements of data communications systems, investigate the OSI/TCP IP model and develop the skills to be able to make and test cat 5 UTP cables. The IT Support Apprentices will then implement their own network using a switch, a direct connection method and a WAP. Learners will understand the key components of networked systems, know about network protocols and the services provided by network systems. Learners will develop the skills required to ensure network security.

ICT Systems Security

Learners will spend this part of their Apprenticeship learning about the organisational aspects of network security, the types and sources of network attacks and the impact of potential threats to IT systems. Apprentices will learn about how organisations can keep systems and data secure. In the second half of the block, Apprentices will configure Windows firewall rules and will be taught to apply system security in a wired and wireless environment using file encryption and WPA 2 technologies.

Help Desk

In this block Apprentices will be inducted into a mock help desk support role using simulated work processes and escalation policies along with an information management system to store and log fault calls. Apprentices will be required to gather the information required to provide advice and guidance. They will then select and apply fault remedies to IT systems by communicating advice and guidance to clients. Finally, Apprentices will use IT tools to produce management information that will then be used to identify actionable trends and make suggestions to improve a help desk service.

PC Maintenance

During this block in their Apprenticeship, each learner will come to understand the components of computer systems and be able to make hardware changes to a system using safe practices. They will understand why software needs installing or upgrading, be able to install Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Operating Systems. Following this, they will plan and deliver a routine ICT maintenance schedule and monitor and improve system performance using Task Manager, Performance Monitor and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser.

Tutor: Aziz Chahid

Typical Job Titles: Network Technician, IT Support, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator

Qualification: Level 3 Infrastructure Technician with Vendor Qualifications

Duration: 13 months

Off-the-job Training:1/2 day per week training at our Lansdowne training centre

Self – Study: 3.5 hours per week during contracted hour

Content: Delivered through in-class learning workshops and one to one coaching. Individualised learning guided through PluralSight content and community support.

Progression Options: Level 4 Network Engineer Apprenticeship

Case Study

Darius Mannering

Darius is an IT Technician Apprentice at one of London’s fastest growing tech companies – Kano computing. We caught up with Darius and his managers, Bruce and Mathew to find out about their experience of working with LDN Apprenticeships. Check it out!