Infrastructure Technician

(IT Support)

Level 3 (13 months)

Networking & Architecture

During the Apprenticeship, Apprentices will understand networking and architecture as part of studying towards a CCNA 1 or CompTIA A+.  This includes understanding how switches, routers and servers interact and how to both configure these systems and troubleshoot simple problems. Apprentices will understand the key components of networks, know about different operating systems, network protocols and the services provided by network systems. Apprentices will develop the skills required to ensure network security.

Mobile & Operating Systems

Apprentices will spend this part of their Apprenticeship learning the uses and benefits of current operating systems, and how to remotely operate, deploy and securely integrate mobile devices into business IT infrastructure. Apprentices will learn about how organisations can keep mobile systems and their data secure.

Cloud Services

As businesses increasingly manage their systems through cloud services Apprentices will need to develop configuration and management skills relating to the cloud; including disaster recovery.

Coding & Logic

Apprentices working with Linux or Windows systems will build skills in command line and scripting languages. Additional skills are covered to develop broader support capabilities of Apprentices into application lifecycle management and the basics of web development including; HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Business Processes & Help Desk Support

Apprentices will be required to gather the information required to provide advice and guidance. Apprentices will use IT tools to produce management information that will then be used to identify actionable trends and make suggestions to improve a help desk service. Particular attention is taken to help Apprentices understand your business processes and methodologies be that waterfall or agile; basic legal issues they might encounter; and the different systems in your business.

Skills Coach: Aziz Chahid

Typical Job Titles: Network Technician, IT Support, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator

Qualification: Level 3 Infrastructure Technician with Vendor Qualifications

Duration: 13 months

Off-the-job Learning: One working day per week covered both in the workplace and at LDN Apprenticeships HQ.

Content: Delivered through in-class learning workshops and one to one coaching. Individualised learning guided through PluralSight content and community support.

Portfolio Work: Five exams & Three portfolio/work based projects.

End Point Assessment: Synoptic project & Final remote interview.

Progression Options: Level 4 Network Engineer Apprenticeship

Case Study

Darius Mannering

Darius is an IT Technician Apprentice at one of London’s fastest growing tech companies – Kano computing. We caught up with Darius and his managers, Bruce and Mathew to find out about their experience of working with LDN Apprenticeships. Check it out!