Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship

Level 3 (13 months)

The Wider Publishing Industry

Apprentices will be able to cover their organisation’s strategy and publishing programme. They will also be able to learn the importance of target users within the publishing sector and how that translates over to their organisation. This area also looks into aspects across the broader publishing industry.

Publishing Systems & Software

Apprentices will learn how to read and apply information/data using publishing systems such as Biblio and Stison which are used to produce and sell books & journals. Covering the importance and risk to the business involved in maintaining and managing data as well as the range of standards and mark-up languages like XML, LaTEX, HTML used in publishing for editing. Apprentices will also have the opportunity to learn the content management software that supports the production process.

Path & Range of Publications

Apprentices will learn about the publishing journey, from commissioning through to publication including working with manuscripts, proofs and advanced information sheets. There will also be the opportunity to learn the range of publications available such as illustrated books, academic publications, digital books, products & services including – where appropriate – apps and journals.

Editorial & Production

Apprentices will learn key stages of the publishing process, which will include editing, proof reading and briefing stakeholders. This includes how to check proofs where necessary and make sure printing matches the proof as well as the costing principles of new titles and reprints to ensure cost effective production of books, to schedule. Apprentices will also learn how to ensure all information is up to date on relevant databases, including PDF files, application files and images

Sales, Marketing & Publicity

Apprentices will learn the requirements of target users and trade partners such as bookshops, libraries, schools (teachers and students), universities & online distributors/sales as well as the different methods used to connect and engage with influencers such as bloggers & journalists. They will also understand how to make appropriate connections and engage with readers, learning the options regarding digital content distribution and access; marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation, insights from web analytics; user experience and web optimisation.

Rights Management

Apprentices will cover deal structures and Digital Rights Management with authors including fees, advances, royalties, licensing copyright, covering territory copyright, translation rights, and serial rights. On top of this, they will look into company policies regarding copyright and permissions, including appropriate digital rights to ensure compliance.

Skills Coach: Vimbai Shire

Typical Job Titles: Editorial Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Publicity Assistant, Production Assistant, Rights Assistant, Contracts Assistant.

Qualification: Level 3 Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship 

Duration: 13 months

Off-the-job Training: One day per month training at our Lansdowne training centre. Additional Masterclasses.

Self – Study: 5 hours per week during contracted hours. 

Content: Delivered through in-class learning workshops and one to one coaching. Individualised learning guided through PluralSight content and community support.

Portfolio Work: Six tests & Three portfolio/work based projects.

End Point Assessment: Synoptic project & Final remote interview.

Progression Options: University, Career within the publishing industry.