Software Developer

Level 4 (18 months)

Underpinning Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours

Software Developer Apprentices will need to be able to demonstrate skills in logical and creative thinking and analytical problem-solving.  Apprentices will also need to show how they work independently and take responsibility using their own initiative.  Apprentice’s communication skills will be developed so that they become stronger in working with a range of internal and external stakeholders.  Finally, Apprentices must maintain a productive, professional and secure working environment.

Software Languages

Apprentices are required to achieve the MTA/MCP qualification in programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3. This course helps students gain basic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript programming skills, focussing on using these languages to implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well-structured applications.

Technical Competencies

Through completing projects, Apprentices will need to demonstrate logic when writing good quality code, effective user interfaces, linking code to the database/datasets testing code and analyse results to correct errors found using either V-model manual testing and/or using unit testing. The projects will help the apprentice show how they have used skills in problem-solving through creative solutions and debugging, creating simple data models and software designs to effectively communicate an understanding of the programme and basic analysis artifacts. Apprentices will need to build, manage and deploy code into enterprise environments operating at all stages of the SDLC, with increasing breadth and depth over time with an initial focus on build and test.

Technical Knowledge and Understanding

Apprentices will be able to apply and understand the software development lifecycle, similarities, and differences between agile and waterfall software development methodologies. Through the Apprenticeships, individuals will learn how teams work effectively to produce software and react to changing requirements from customers. Apprentices will be able to understand software design approaches and patterns and will interpret and implement a given design compliant with security and maintainability requirements.  Apprentices will also develop the maths required to be a Software Developer (eg algorithms, logic and data structures).

Skills Coach: Kevin Brown

Typical Job Titles: Web Developer, Application Developer, Mobile App Developer, Software Developer

Qualification: Level 4 Software Developer with a choice of Vendor Qualifications

Duration: 18 months

Off-the-job Learning: One day per week training at our LDN Apprenticeships HQ.

Content: Delivered through in-class learning workshops and one to one coaching. Individualised learning guided through PluralSight content and community support.

Case Study

Eemaan & Adrian

Eemaan & Adrian are software developers at East London’s FanFinders. We took some time out with the both of them along with FanFinders CEO Alec Dobbie to find out how apprentices have worked for their team. ENJOY!