Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship

The Publishing Association and LDN Apprenticeships are working together to deliver a brand new apprenticeship programme! Kickstarting the careers of young people looking to get their first job within the world of publishing.

Publishing apprenticeships specifically delivered

for the publishing industry.

This is the first time EVER there will be an apprenticeship standard provided to young people that will be catered specifically to the publishing industry. The Publishing Apprenticeship Standard is a 13 month programme that will cover key parts of the publishing process from conception to production and is designed to be adaptable to the specific needs of the publisher.


What will Publishing Assistant Apprentices

learn on the curriculum?

This is the actual knowledge that the apprentices will be taught during the apprenticeship.

 Publishing Assistants will provide support for specific areas across all key parts of the publishing process from the conception of book, digital product, journal or other product – through to the production, in a variety of paper and digital formats, and then to support the sales, marketing and publicity processes.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each part of the curriculum. 


Copy, Copywriting & Proofreading

Getting to Know the Publishing Industry

Production & Publishing Technology

Marketing, PR & Online

Personal Development & Business Skills

Law & The Publishing Industry

Copy, Copywriting & Proofreading

Understand how to proof read, structure content and write copy.  Know how to asses a proof and content.

Getting to Know the Publishing Industry

Find out what publishers actually do, why they are different and how a book is created, produced, marketed and sold. Understand the size of the industry and the different types of publishers.  What business models do publishers use to make money. Current challenges in the industry and new developments

Production & Publishing Technlogy

Understand what needs to be considered when constructing a publishing schedule. Learn about the different types of proof and what to bear in mind when assessing them.  Discover the different types of ‘books’ and the processes involved in producing them.  Explore the best way to select suppliers and the logistics involved in distribution.  Learn about stock control.

Marketing, PR & Online

Understand the difference between marketing and PR.  Discover how to identify your target users.  Learn how to construct a marketing budget and use it to engage and connect with readers. Understand the different methods use to connect and engage with key influencers

Personal Development & Business Skills

Design your career in publishing.  Recognise your strengths and weaknesses and how to get ahead in whatever your chosen field of publishing, be that production, editorial or sales and marketing.  Learn to build relationships across the business to support these goals.

Law & The Publishing Industry

Learn about rights and how publishing deals are structured. Understand copyright and how to protect against libel and plagiarism. What are your companies policies regarding copyright and permissions, including appropriate digital rights to ensure compliance, how are these rights monitored and enforced.

We’ll be working with some of the BIGGEST names in the publishing world.

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