In 2017 LDN Group started delivering innovative Career Kickstarters to introduce young people to businesses looking to invest in their talent pipeline using apprenticeships.

In 2017 we ran 45 Career Kickstarters; impacting the lives of 504 young people and a total of 116 employers.

As discussed in yesterday’s BLOG – What’s NEW for 2018 at LDN Group? – there are still “337,000 people aged 16-24 unemployed” we NEED to be doing more!

“A real sense of caring for young people. Loved it.” Marie-Clare Fenech,  Head of Partnerships at  Next Tech Girls

So what are we going to do differently?

In 2018 we are going to significantly increase the number and quality of these events with at least 72 individual Carer Kickstarters planned for 2018 – and for the first time streamlined events for young people looking for roles in CodingIT Support and Digital Marketing in our Tech City Stars Programme.

On the day our prescreened group of 10-15 young people meet employers through organised events in NetworkingPitching & Speed Interviews.

“It’s very well-organised and runs smoothly so really makes the most of the time. I really enjoy meeting so many inspiring young people and always come away feeling positive about the future! It’s great to be able to see such a diverse set of people in a short period of time.”Jo Gostling, HR Manager at Digital Catapult

Which manager can demonstrate the best management style & opportunities for growth?

Which learners are on the correct growth trajectory & can demonstrate their EEWAP?

After a busy afternoon and successful matches, we complete a comprehensive feedback session on each applicant and their suitability for roles.

“We were able to meet several potential Apprentices at one time – super value for time.” Simon Cooper, VP at Seraph Science

Successful matches can work trial at your company as soon as the next day. We have found this to be the best process for hiring apprentices and a really efficient use of time for all involved.

It also leaves you feeling a sense of having done a good job; secure in the knowledge that the day has been a great experience for all involved.

Some businesses after attending a Career Kickstarter now exclusively use this process to hire their new hires and regularly attend Career Kickstarter to tap into this diverse talent pool.

Dates for our upcoming Career Kickstarters are published on our website: http://ldngrp.co/careerkickstarter

But please contact me at james@ldngrp.co to ensure you are booked out the best event for your business and individual role.

“I am always greeted with a smile and after spending the day seeing the hard work the team put into the workshop & speaking to the amazing candidates that attend Career Kickstarters, you can’t help but want to be a part of their journey. The apprentices we have recruited through Career Kickstarters are absolutely brilliant, such hard workers and are a real asset to our teams.” Loulou Billups, Head of Talent at Potensis