We’re happy to announce that the winner of Tech LDN Apprentice of the Month is Sai Ganesh Maheshwaran @ Potensis


LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Sai’s nomination is below:



Sai is a popular member of staff here at Potensis and for good reason. He is eager to get stuck in to his core helpdesk duties. If someone approaches IT with an issue, he is straight up out of his chair and off to sort it out and very happy to spend some extra time with the user to explain the situation and perhaps how to stop it happening again if it is within their control.


Sai is always looking to take on the next challenge and is on the lookout for ways to improve processes. He is very keen on gaining a raft of certifications but does well in the work environment to facilitate that. It is clear from all the good work that Sai does how much he enjoys working in IT. He is also extremely enthusiastic about Pizza Pay Day, easily taking down a whole pizza on his own!

Willingness To Learn:

Sai has obviously found the career for him and to say he has a thirst for learning and knowledge is somewhat of an understatement. Sai’s propensity for studying and learning new skills is highly commendable. Sai is now well versed in Office 365 and associated applications, Mobile Device Management, has strong skills in elements of the Microsoft Cloud solution, is a well-rounded helpdesk technician and is starting to get proficient in PowerShell as well as passing scoring highly in both his CompTIA A+ certifications.

Ability To Take Feedback:

Sai actively seeks out feedback where he feels he might not have taken the best path to a solution; although it should be said that often he is being a tad too tough on himself. I am impressed with how well Sai takes constructive criticism on the whole and it is clear that he is trying to improve himself as an IT professional, not just his technical skills but how he interacts with people and how he deals with their IT issues on a personal level. Of the few development issues which Sai has encountered here, he has addressed them with maturity and conviction and has resolved them.

Propensity To Take Action:

Sai has reached the point in his job here at Potensis where clearly understands his role and acts accordingly. I am confident to leave Sai to his own devices and for him to effectively deal with issues as they arise in a logical, methodical and enthusiastic manner, but also to act accordingly if things arise where he should revert to someone more senior. This is the second time that Sai has been nominated for Apprentice of the Month. He has come along even further now in his development and enjoyed more success. I think this is Sai’s month to shine and reap the benefits of all the work he has put in.


Congratulations Sai!