I’m happy to announce that the winner of Future LDN Apprentice of the Month is Sandra Taraseviciute @ Caritas

LDN Apprenticeships highlights a clear message of what makes an AWESOME Apprentice; they must show energy, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, ability to take feedback and propensity to take action (EEWAP). Sandra’s nomination is below:


Energy: Sandra has this amazing, positive energy about her. She influences people around her with her positivity and willingness to help. She comes in the morning, gets stuck with her course work, and moves onto work without even anyone noticing. She is always the first one to help and do a bit of extra for consultants and candidates.

Enthusiasm: I have never seen Sandra not being enthusiastic at work place. She finds solutions to every problems she faces. I have heard her on the phone with some tricky candidates and only thanks to her enthusiasm and willingness to help she managed to obtain information, documents needed. This is a massive achievement and she should be so proud. She was a real star and dealt with stress and pressure like a PRO!

Willingness To Learn: Sandra has always been willing to learn more and more. She retains information really well. You only need to explain things once. She has also been doing her own research to check if she can find an answer herself, before asking. This is a very unique skill!

Ability To Take Feedback: Sandra takes feedback very well. I have not had issues with Sandra, so didn’t need to have any difficult chats. In terms of her work, any feedback is implemented straight away.

Propensity To Take Action: Sandra is extremely pro-active and is full of great ideas. She is now so experienced that I can assign a task, give her deadline and I am confident the deadline will be met and task will be completed to the highest standard.

Sandra has been an absolute pleasure working with! I wish everyone was so committed, honest and dedicated! She is a real asset and I can not wait to watch her grow in her new role!

I know she will absolutely smash it!


Congratulations, Sandra!