Special Learning and Development

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Apprenticeships

LinkedIn told me yesterday that it is 4 years since we started our awesome Tech LDN apprenticeship programme. What a journey its been, both for Tech LDN and Future LDN, both of which are thriving today as part of LDN Apprenticeships. And they wouldn’t be where they are were it not for the awesome work of Rebecca Jennings, our Director of Apprenticeships, and her team of Learning and Development Specialists.

 Few people realise what a challenging job these guys have.

Think about it – take a young person who has never worked before, and throw them headlong into a demanding working environment full of new faces, things to learn and challenges to overcome. Then add a generous helping of qualification related work, projects and deadlines. Make sure you don’t forget the coaching, pastoral support and general guidance that apprentices need and lastly, remember that all of this needs to be provided within a strict framework regulated by Ofsted and the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Finally, remember that we’re working through the biggest change in apprenticeship policy in 50 years!

In these circumstances, it’s no mean feat that the LDN Apprenticeship’s overall achievement rate (that’s the number of apprentices who achieve their qualifications and complete the 13 months of their apprenticeship) sits at an incredible 84.1%. The industry average is just 67%!

Furthermore, 71% of the young people who achieve end up getting permanent roles with their employers, 14% get jobs with other employers and 10% go on to uni or into further education. That’s a 95% positive outcome rate.

I could throw stats at you all day (thanks to Richard Taylor’s relentless pursuit of awesome data in our organisation) but that’s boring. Underneath those impressive numbers are real people, changing the lives of other real people. So today I thought I would write a quick post to celebrate our learning and development team, and the apprentices that they’ve supported to achieve over the years!

Here’s to you, Jaclyn Lartey, Zak Islam, Mohamed Irij, Dharam Lohia, Aziz Chahid, Nick Russell, Beau Sukpran, Ken Joy.