I am sure that you have discussed in your workplace about people with a good attitude. And I am sure that you have heard the phrase:

“You don’t train attitudes, you have to hire them”  Richard Branson


We have all heard it but what do we mean when we say attitude!?

It seems such a throwaway attribute.

At LDN Apprenticeships we have spent some time thinking about what kind of attitude we are really looking for.

 And we look for it in all our prospective applicants, clients and team members.

We have an awesome acronym that we use to remember what attitudes we are looking for… EEWAP


That palpable feeling that you get when you sit down with someone. In almost every interaction that you have with someone there is an energy exchange – we are looking for people that bring the energy!


Often confused with energy; this is the focus and awareness of people towards whatever situation they find themselves in. Are they cognisant of the opportunity of working with us? Or with our clients? That’s the enthusiasm would want to see.


Willingness To Learn

The best people LOVE Learning and building their skills. As soon as you think you know everything you have lost. We want people turning up with a notebook, taking notes, asking questions and relishing the opportunity to continue their learning and development with us as a training provider sure but also with our clients who love learning just as much as we do!

Ability To Take Feedback

Be prepared and enjoy the feedback you receive. We encourage full 360 feedback. A lot of young people it is claimed by Simon Sinek struggle with feedback (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hER0Qp6QJNU). We want people that can take it, learn from it and then … (See below)

Propensity To TAKE ACTION

Probably the most important part of EEWAP! What’s the point of Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn or Ability to take feedback if you don’t then apply it! We want people that take action, learn and then take action again. We want forward thinking clients that create a culture of action where it’s staff can use its own initiative safe in the knowledge there won’t be any repercussions.

If you think you have EEWAP as a young person, client, member of staff we would love to hear from you!

You are the kind of person that we want to speak to everyday!! 🙂