LDN Apprenticeships Publishing Assistant Induction.

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Last week, we inducted the very first cohort of Publishing Assistant Apprentices into LDN Apprenticeships!

We welcomed a group of 16 enthusiastic and awesome apprentices as they embark on the ground-breaking new Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship programme. Helping young people kickstart their career within the publishing industry.

Throughout the day – the publishing apprentices were able to discover all about the knowledge they’ll be learning within the qualification – a course and learning structure created specifically for publishing.


Joining us for the day was Chief Executive of the Publishers Association, Stephen Lotinga.

Stephen was able to talk to some of the new Publishing Apprentices before they begin their new journey. Working for the likes  of Penguin Random House, Dorling Kindersley, Cambridge University Press and HarperCollins.

Speaking about the introduction of the new apprenticeship standard, Stephen was thrilled about the programme finally becoming a reality.

“It has been a real pleasure to meet the new apprentices today as they begin what we hope will be long and rewarding careers in publishing.  said Stephen. 


“We and our members have been very proud to support this initiative. We hope it will grow further in the coming years and become an important part of widening access to careers in publishing.”

Applying for a Publishing Apprenticeship.

We also managed to catch up with some of the new publishing apprentices on the day and asked them what attracted them to apply for the various Publishing Assistant opportunities and what they hope they’ll bring to the role. 

Danielle O’Brien is starting her publishing apprenticeship with Penguin Random House as an Editorial Assistant Apprentice. She talked to us about her desire to get into publishing as well as her application process for the apprenticeship.

I always wanted to get into publishing and working with books and people who are like-minded. I knew I had the right skills going into it and apply them into the industry said Danielle.


“LDN Apprenticeships really attracted me to the apprenticeship. Their application process means I didn’t have to prove myself with grades or degrees. It was about who I was as a person and what I could provide to Penguin Random House.” 

Joining the LDN Team!

The Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship Standard Curriculum is the perfect introduction into the publishing industry. Designed by some of the country’s leading publishing houses, it will align what an apprentice is doing in the workplace with what they are learning in their workshops.

Vimbai Shire will be the fantastic new Skills Coach teaching the class of publishing apprentices. Vimbai brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously worked for the likes of Granta, Canongate and Oneworld, and has most recently been working as a consultant to the publishing industry. 

“The publishing apprentices’ induction day marked the culmination of over two years’ hard work behind the scenes. consulting on, developing and producing a first-class, technology-driven, industry-specific and government-approved Level 3 Publishing Apprenticeship – the first of its kind in the UK.” said Vimbai.


“I’m thrilled to be a part of the groundbreaking initiative and it was great to meet the new apprentices. 

 “I look forward to passing on my publishing knowledge and experience to LDN’s first publishing cohort!

Getting Started.

For many of the apprentices, this was not the route they envisioned taking into the publishing industry. Of the new cohort, 62% are under-graduates, having decided not to attend University.

Emma Payton is one of the new publishing apprentices who is an under-graduate. Starting at Cambridge University Press, Emma talked to us about what she’s most looking forward to about the apprenticeship!


 “Cambridge University Press specialise in a lot of research. Part of the publishing process is interviewing target users to see what drives them and motivates them.” said Emma.


“I have a background in psychology, so I absolutely love conducting research. I’d love to go and and conduct research of my own and contribute to our latest projects.”


Connor Kelly echoed Emma’s enthusiasm to get started within the publishing industry. Connor will be joining the Marketing and PR Team at Dorling Kindersley, having previously shown an interest in publishing and marketing.

 “I’m really excited to get an understanding of what goes into making a book. It’s most certainly something I want to be a part of.” said Connor.


“The job specification had a lot of marketing aspects to it and that drew me to it immediately. It’s something I really enjoyed doing at school. I’m eager to learn that side of things within the publishing world!”

What next for our new Publishing Apprentices?


Now the hard work starts for our Publishing Assistant Apprentices!

They will be learning a wide range of knowledge catered specifically for the publishing industry. From copywriting and proofreading, to marketing and PR they will be in a unique position to gain valuable experience within a publishing workplace whilst gaining a publishing qualification at the same time!

To be given the chance to welcome Vimbai on board to the LDN team and introduce 16 talented young apprentices to fantastic companies within the publishing industry is something we’re incredibly excited to be a part of!

Thank you to everyone who has helped put the Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship Standard together.

Good luck to the first cohort of Publishing Apprentices!

If you’re thinking of hiring a publishing apprentice and would like to know more, click on the link below!