Digital Marketer

Level 3 (13 months)

Principles Of Coding

During this block of the Apprenticeship, learners understand logic and the awareness of different languages such as HTML and Java, and how a Digital Marketer would use it. Apprentices will know how the compatibility of code changes depending on what platform is used. Learners will investigate how different components work cohesively to make the Web work.

Marketing Principles

Digital Marketer Apprentices will gain an insight into how marketing works and the impact of it. They will find out why and how markets are so segmented, and how to assess these in order to create and capitalise on marketing opportunities. Apprentices will understand how to develop and evaluate their own marketing strategies, which they will implement.

Digital Marketing Business Principles

The aim of this block is for Apprentices to understand the Principles of search marketing, SEO, PPC, email, web analytics, metrics and mobile apps. Digital Marketers will recognise the similarities and differences between major digital and social media platforms. Learners will understand how the business environment works and the business issues within this. Gaining an understanding of digital etiquette, the working environment, security levels and data protection.

Tutor: Ken Joy

Typical Job Titles: Digital Marketing Assistant, Social Media Executive, Content Co-ordinator, Digital Marketing Technologist

Qualification: Level 3 Digital Marketer with Vendor Qualifications

Duration: 13 months

Off-the-job Training:1/2 day per week training at our Lansdowne training centre

Self – Study: 3.5 hours per week during contracted hours

Content: Pluralsight

Progression Options: Level 4 Project Manager Apprenticeship

Case Study

Digital Marketing case study coming soon!