Max Rozmetov @ Simply Business

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As part of our case study series, we’re able to visit our apprentices at a variety of different and awesome business around London. And our latest certainly took us to one of the coolest!

Max Rozmetov is currently working at Simply Business, an online insurance broker located in Central London and 20152016 WINNERS of The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For!

Having now completed his apprenticeship, Max has now been hired by Simply Business on a short term contract before he heads off to University in September.

We also had the chance to talk to Max’s line-manager and senior eCRM Manager – Ata Ata, who was a big part of recruiting Max. Ata was able to give us an overview of Max’s role and how much he has developed and grown since walking through the Simply Business doors.

Ata is also line-manager to another LDN Apprentice within his team at Simply Business – Sam Stone, so was the best person to talk to about his experiences in hiring and managing an apprentice! 

So what was Max’s thoughts behind doing an apprenticeship as opposed to other paths he could have taken after finishing his time at the military?

“What made me decide to do an apprenticeship? A friend of mine actually referred me to LDN Apprenticeships!” Said Max.


“He said there was an alternative to going to university where you can work and have a great experience, gather a lot of knowledge and get a diploma at the end.


“And that seemed really cool to me.”

After deciding to do an apprenticeship and then applying to become an LDN Apprentice, it was then down to Max to land a role!

He did so when he met Ata at our Career Kickstarter event. A process that Ata has really taken to and an integral part of helping LDN Apprenticeships connect young people with businesses.

“I came away from the Career Kickstarter with goosebumps to be honest!” Said Ata.


“I thought ‘wow’ I just met a whole load of really fantastic young individuals that all would’ve been capable of doing a great job here.


“They’re all at the start of their career, they’re all really hungry and eager and Max definitely shined through for me.


“Out of those candidates, we had four work trials and you could just see the maturity of Max. His technical capabilities, the way he came across as a person and the way we got on together. I could really see him fit well into the team and the business.”

After impressing Ata and the Simply Business team during his work trial, Max was then offered the role. A fantastic opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing companies in central London.

Introducing Max to the Simply Business team.

So what was it like getting an apprentice like Max up to scratch when he first started in the role? Ata remembers when Max was first introduced to the team at Simply Business and how his introduction affected the dynamics of his team going forward.

“It’s been fantastic! He was like a blank canvas when he started here.


“He came in, very energetic and enthusiastic. LDN Apprenticeships really trademarked the term #EEWAP and we totally get that and needed that from our apprentice.


“We’ve treated him like any other member of the team since he’s been here. He’s been fantastic for everybody.”

The idea of Max being a ‘blank canvas’ when he started was echoed by Max himself. The ability to create a palette of knowledge was something that Max took full advantage of. Thirteen months later, he has now finished his apprenticeship and been taken on short term by Simply Business before he heads off to University with a mountain of experience and knowledge that many of his peers won’t have.

“Simply Business has taught me so much over the last 13 months. So much value and knowledge since I joined.


“I remember on my first day, the head of PCC here asked me if I had any experience in marketing, to which I honestly answered ‘no’! I can happily say that after 13 months, my knowledge gained from working within the role and completing my apprenticeship has improved massively!


“I’ve undergone so many tasks with my team and been a part of so many projects. Thanks to my manager Ata, who has mentored me along through this journey. I have grown personally and gained so much knowledge about the work we do at Simply Business.”

Max’s development throughout his apprenticeship.


One of the great things about helping to guide a young person through their apprenticeship and seeing them develop within their role is noticing the improvements each day, week and month.

Ata has been through the complete process of Max’s apprenticeship. Being able to witness his development first hand, from his first day at Simply Business, right up until Max’s completion.

“The way he’s grown as a person and become more confident. From meeting new people and coming into a huge workplace like this one. He’s networked and made some fantastic friends!


“He became fully equipped to complete his apprenticeship. Come up with new ideas, take on work and take ownership and responsibility in both the workplace and through his apprenticeship work.

“An apprenticeship is made for someone who is really dedicated and wants to drive their career forward. Max is definitely that person.”

What advice would Max & Ata give to fellow apprentices and employers?

So as someone who has had such success within his role and has really benefited from being an LDN Apprentice, what advice would Max give to someone else who’s thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

“I would consider all your options and make sure an apprenticeship is the right path for you!


“It can be hard work, but most of all, do what you want to do! If you want to have a great experience within an actual work space and get paid at the same time, then an apprenticeship is most definitely the option for you!

On the employer side of recruiting an apprentice, there may be no better person to ask than Ata! 

As previously mentioned, Ata has taken on another LDN Apprentice for his team and has been such a fantastic and inspirational line-manager for Max.

What words of advice would he give to another business looking to hire an apprentice?

“I’ll admit that I had preconceptions before hiring my first apprentice.


“Someone might say to me they’ve had a bad experience with an apprentice in the past. I wasn’t sure whether that may have been down to the selection process. Were they hiring the right person?


“I have to say all the candidates I’ve met through LDN Apprenticeships have been absolutely fantastic.


“It’s been thoroughly rewarding for me as a manager. Its’ been really humbling for me to give someone on the start of their journey an opportunity to get a job, get paid, get experience and get all the things they want to get out of it.


“So I would say most definitely do it!”

Following the great success with hiring an LDN Apprentice, along with Max and Sam in Ata’s team, Simply Business have also gone on to hire apprentices within other departments as well!

Serena Vano from our Future LDN pathway is currently working within the Operations department as a Tech Ops Assistant Apprentice, whilst Leila Arar has more recently joined the Marketing side of Simply Business as their new Marketing Design Apprentice!

We’ve loved working with Ata, Max and the whole team at Simply Business. It’s so great for us to see so many success stories like Max’s come out of one company as they continue to invest in youth and benefit from the huge pool of talent that’s in apprenticeships.

Congratulations to Max for completing his apprenticeship and gaining a place at University in September and thank you to Ata and the Simply Business team for their support and guidance to Max and fellow LDN Apprentices.

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